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Some additional features include applying special effects like alpha-blending, transparency, overlays and can take still screenshot images on the fly. Newer features include DV camcorder and TV tuner support, better compression, zooming and full-screen support. Overall, this is a very simple video capturing tool and doesn’t feature very many advanced functions. It doesn’t really work as a viable surveillance tool because video files take up so much space without much needed compression.
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Review by Frederick Barton on 09 Sep, AMCap can be used to capture video or still footage from anything between webcams and advanced video capture cards. It comes with advanced previewing and recording capabilities and it can compress video in real time, while recording.

The software’s functionality is quite flexible and its controls are easy to understand. You can try AMCap free of charge for a limited period of time, without any significant restrictions. It works on Windows XP and all later versions and it can be installed in just a few moments. The software doesn’t require any special tools or services, but you obviously need to have a working video capture card or a webcam.

The user interface consists mainly of a preview area. Options for importing, previewing or recording footage and performing other operations can be fond in the top menus. If a webcam or a DV camera is connected to your computer, you can select your device through one of these menus and preview its footage.

You can start recording at any time, while previewing the footage on a device. What’s more, the software lets you record with or without audio. Capturing still images can be done as easily as possible.

All you have to is select an option or hit its corresponding key on your keyboard and the program will automatically take a snapshot and save it in a local folder.

It is also possible to set AMCap to take snapshots automatically every few seconds. AMCap gives you the possibility of capturing of capturing footage effortlessly, regardless if it’s coming from a webcam or any DV camera. The software can capture footage from any webcam or DV camera. It can record video with or without audio. Its controls are straightforward and easy to understand.

There are no obvious issues to address. You can download AMCap free here. About the author: From gadgets to software. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated AMCap 4 out of 5 stars, naming it Excellent Sponsored Links.

Capture video from your webcam and save to your hard drive

Monday, December 11, Version: It makes it easy to identify driver installation problems or USB issues: Right-click a reported issue to access the context menu and click the Fix menu if available so that the program attempts to fix the issue or shows you a possible way to fix it. Webcam Diagnostics can report USB issues like overcurrent or bandwidth shortage. It can also tell whether your system is correctly configured to handle a webcam e.

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Download AMCap (Build ). Simple video capture tool. AMCap will help you with video capture performed using a predetermined Wisdom Software. Popular Alternatives to AMcap for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android and more. Explore 25+ apps like AMcap, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo. May 5, AMCap is a program which can be installed with HUE on Windows systems. You may To remove the software from your system: Delete the.

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