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IK Multimedia’s Ampeg SVX Bass Amp is a complete virtual bass guitar rig–a signal chain optimized for live performance recording–posing as a plug-in. Getting around the interface is facilitated by images of the modeled amps, heads, pedals and speaker cabinets surrounded by a navigation frame. Each model looks and operates like the original using the same controls and matching companion speaker cabinet.
ampeg svx plugin

IK Multimedia – Ampeg SVX Plugin [Download]

Funny story… during the first phase of testing with the Engineers at Ampeg, one particular software model was being driven so hard that it “shut down. Nada, nothing. Oh crap — we thought we were in trouble.

But the lead engineer at Ampeg approved the model on the spot. You see, there was a slight design flaw in the actual amplifier being modeled that would cause a power fault shutdown if the amp was driven too hard for too long. The software model was in fact so accurate that it even replicated this design flaw… that’s how accurate it is.

But don’t worry. We took took the “shutdown” feature out of our models so you can rock all night. Some would call it the “sub” world… the basement… the underground. We prefer “the Foundation. You’ll find the bass sound you need here to hold it down… the keep the drummer in check, and to guide the rest of the band through the complex musical journeys as only a true pro bass player can do. So we’re glad you’re here.

And hear. How it works If you play, it makes sense. If not, it still makes sense. If you’re familiar with our other products, then you’re right at home. If you play bass through an amplifier instead, still, you’re right at home. Plus, you can configure two complete rigs and run in stereo. You can select and customize different configurations on the fly as you see fit: Run a full stereo rig with different amp setups… the combinations are endless. The 4Pro looks, acts and sounds like a 4Pro.

See a pattern here? Then your signal travels to the Bass Head. Here you can tweak your tone to perfection. Next Stop: The Bass Cabinet Some people argue that the cabinet is the single most important “tone” feature for a bass rig. With that in mind, we completely re-engineered the cabinet section, providing you with more realistic bass response than any other bass amp simulation package.

The new section allows you to freely position two microphones in front of the speaker, plus add room ambience with a stereo pair of condenser mics that allows you to adjust the “spread” and depth of the room.

The result? Ultra-accurate bass response plus the ability to mix in the perfect amount of room warmth. Plays well with others TIf you already have an AmpliTube package, don’t worry. The Ampeg SVX suite integrates seamlessly into your current architecture.

All you have to do is start your version, and Ampeg is automatically there. If you use only the Ampeg SVX package, we’re not having this conversation.

But you can add more gear to the Ampeg package via the Custom Shop. Plus, we’re constantly adding new models to the custom shop. Now you can wah, control volume, add gain, swap presets, adjust delay times and more, all without ever raising your hand.

How we did it There’s a special place in our history for the Ampeg project. You see, it was our first opportunity to actually work and communicate directly with the engineers at a company making the gear we were simulating.

In retrospect, this project was really slightly ahead of its time. Way back in , companies thought that digital modeling of their gear was a threat to their business, that it would “steal the soul” of what they were doing. Ampeg was different. They understood what we were doing, and how our technologies could help them spread the love and groove of Ampeg. And it worked. Now you can get that Ampeg sound everywhere… in the studio, in your house, on stage, in the street.

That’s pretty cool, don’t you think? Tear it up… Virtual style In order to model an amplifier, you have to have, well, the amplifier. Ampeg sent us stuff. And lots of it. What came next would delight and simultaneously terrify most players: Not really… we’re talking about “virtual” dismantling of the gear. Take it easy. The original amplifier, cabinet or effect is then accurately measured and a virtual circuit representation of it is coded in software, carefully matching each component’s value and circuit details.

Then, a comparison of the electrical signals between the original and the model ensures that the model’s behavior matches the original circuit behavior in the gear. After this phase we start a complex audio-engineering comparison with the original amplifier or effect to the modeled version. This is followed by a series of tweaks and fine-tuning to the circuit and the sonic characteristics of the model.

The result is a sound indistinguishable from the original when fed with various guitar signals and dynamics. The creation of a single model of amp or effect takes the same time than it would take to build a hardware version of it.

And we are passionately proud of it. Digital Mojo: The Art of IK’s Science Since with the release of T-RackS analog modeled mastering suite, IK has been one of the pioneers in the digital tone generation and analog gear modeling field — unraveling the secret DNA and true behavior of analog components and recreating them for the next generation of musicians, engineers and producers.

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Jan 4, In agreement with Basso here. I’ve got quite a few amp plugin emulation suites, and each has its pros and cons, however the IK Ampeg emulation is the most realistic software bass amp emulation I’ve used. In most cases, I like to record a bass direct; this has been my M. I have owned some very sweet bass amps, and there is a definite vibe you get recording one with a mic, so I will never diss that approach. You get a really nice sound recording a good bass amp in a room, but it has to be a good sounding room, where you’re not exciting room modes and where it’s big enough, or you can get mud. I found that I could more easily clear out room in the mix for a bass by going direct as my music tends to be a bit I hate to use the word, “cluttered” when talking about my own work, so let’s just say I generally incorporate lots of things besides bass, guitar, drums, vocals.

VIDEO: IK Multimedia AMPEG-SVX bass plug-in – Avid Pro Audio Community

IK Multimedia – Ampeg SVX Plugin [Download] from Perfect as a plug-in for studio recording and mixing in any Mac/Win DAW, native. IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX is a plug-in with various bass effects and bass amps, carefully recreated from Ampeg’s original hardware. Works like IK Multimedia’s. The new Ampeg SVX 2 collection brings even more power to the game giving you the opportunity to expand your collection with 6 additional gear models that.

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