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Installation 1. This copy allows for recovering all your activated keys by several clicks. It can be useful in the event of crash, disk formatting, or if you cannot remember serial numbers and have to restore all purchased licenses. The backup copy is created after every activation and sent to server.
aster multiseat

Installation 1. This copy allows for recovering all your activated keys by several clicks. It can be useful in the event of crash, disk formatting, or if you cannot remember serial numbers and have to restore all purchased licenses. The backup copy is created after every activation and sent to server.

To identify your computer, each operating ASTER copy gets a unique identifier which is automatically created in the first run of an ASTER version when the following information message is displayed: You must save it in a safe place, for example, your notepad or any cloud storage.

Better not save this ID in the same computer otherwise it may disappear in the event of a system crash. During this period, you can test all functions of the program and make the final decision of buying it.

After the trial period has expired, any attempts of starting the program will make the user go either through the license activation procedure or through software uninstallation. To continue you have to purchase and activate the license.

During the trial period after launching the program, a window will pop up with the request to enter the activation key and with the information about the duration of its free use. To activate the product you need Internet connection. The purchase and activation of the permanent license unlimited by time gives you the right for an additional day trial period.

This period will allow you to test ASTER with more terminals, and possibly make a decision of buying extra workplaces. All your purchased licenses are added up.

The count of the used days of the additional trial period starts only after the test terminals activation. It allows you to make a decision about the expediency of buying the extra licenses later, when you make sure that your computer operating system allows working comfortably with the existing workplaces, and you want to check the possibility of increasing the number of terminals.

Moreover, the key will become invalid until we solve the problem which you asked the helpdesk to solve! Beginning from version 2. When you press it you will see the dialogue box for sending the request for upgrading the key: To make the list of keys to be upgraded you have to enter the key in the upper box.

The zoom button allows one to find the entered key in the old keys database. If the key has been found, a window with its parameters will appear. Adding the key into the upgrading list requires confirmation, if, due to some reasons, the information about it has not been found in the database. Personnel responsible for ASTER multiple installation and activation on many computers have only to save and use just one packet serial number, and not a lot of different numbers for which one has to remember binding of the number with a specific computer.

The packet serial number is inherently an identifier reference of several ordinary serial numbers of the same type. While purchasing a packet serial number you have to indicate a license type Home or Pro , for the Pro license you have to give a number of ASTER workplaces to be licensed on all computers and a number of computers where you suppose to use a packet serial number.

In generation of a packet serial number there is created the indicated number equal to the number of computers in order of ordinary serial numbers and for this packet of ordinary serial numbers one unique packet serial number is created that you will obtain together with a list of ordinary serial numbers herein. Manual activation by the packet serial number is carried out in a completely similar fashion as activation by an ordinary serial number i. The packet serial number is sent to the ASTER license server, where the server selects from the relevant package a free i.

In case of a repeated activation request from the same computer the server finds out the corresponding entry and sends the registration information which already is in the database.

In other words, in accidental or intentional repeated activations the new ordinary serial number will not be spent.

The technology is as follows. On a computer hereinafter referred to as a master computer the operating system is installed, further a predetermined software setup including ASTER. Afterwards copies clones of a required number of similar disks are made from HD of this computer. Further these clones are installed in clone computer s of the master computer, i. It greatly improves the ASTER activation process on multiple computers within this delivery structure.

Naturally, for creation of the Master License you will be asked to present administrative privileges. After this operation you may start to clone the master disk for the required number of clone disks.

From now on you cannot run ASTER on the master computer until you clean the master license from the master computer: In order to remove the Master License from the master computer and also from the clone computers if appropriate , you have to perform the command shown in the previous screenshot: If the master license in the course of creation was password protected you have to enter this password.

After entering the password if need be , and pressing the Activate button, all that is needed from the operator is to click to confirm elevation of privilege up to the administrator level.

Further activation will be made automatically in unattended mode. You may need it, for example, if you have to transfer licenses to another computer, or to correct your errors in the product activation you confused serial numbers and as a consequence activated the license not on the computer for which it was intended. As a result of deactivation process, the licenses you have chosen become invalid and instead of them you will get the new equivalent licenses.

The first step is generating requests for license deactivation. The window appears with a list of valid licenses activated on this computer as follows, select licenses you want to deactivate: Enter a message where it is advised to denote the deactivation reason, and, though it is essentially not encouraged, you may indicate in the letter your specific wishes concerning deactivated licenses.

Change if appropriate the name and the address in boxes: They will be used in generation of new serial numbers which you will get instead of deactivated ones.

You will receive the message on successful request sending: It has a unique number of your request which is advisable to save for security for reference if any problems arise.

At present, due to some limitations of the license server, the processing of deactivation requests cannot be fully automated, and can take some time. During this period, the licenses you have chosen for deactivation remain valid, and you can use ASTER.

After you receive this notification you may deactivate licenses. The software will get in touch with the license server, read out information required for deactivation and request to confirm deactivation: If yes, deactivation of selected licenses will be carried out and instead you will get new keys which will be displayed after deactivation information on a number of places for that key is given within brackets: Copy them and use at your discretion.

Information sent to the license server Supporting of license deactivation and backup copies involves sending some information to the license server. This includes just the following data: By pressing this reference the software connects to the ASTER license server, and if the server has a fresher version than you will get information about this updated version: There are several types of licenses for the software: Pro for 2, 6 or 12 working places for an unlimited time.

This license also allows for connecting additional terminals up to 12 by activation of additional licenses Pro. The basic license for 2, 6 or 12 working places may be activated or transferred only entirely — a partial activation at several computers is not supported.

Pro for working place. This license is intended for an unlimited time, but it allows only connecting additional up to 12 terminals for the already available basic licenses Pro — it cannot be activated independently without the preset basic license. Home — only 2 terminals for 1 year. The version Home is sold only with the annual license, i. Also, the version Home supports only 2 working places and cannot be expanded for more.

The version 2. ASTER Configuration In order to start the extra workplaces successfully, at first you need to configure the ASTER software, assign to each workplace a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a sound card, if necessary. Initially this button is inactive, but it will be activated when there are changes to be saved.

Some configuration changes will take effect only after rebooting the computer. When you close the ASTER Control window, you will be notified that you should save changes if you have forgotten to do it, and in case you need to reboot the system, you will be offered to do it.

If you have not made the configuration of workplaces yet, the program will be opened in the other window, otherwise after the automatic start the program will be iconified in the Task Panel system tray.

Control elements signs, buttons, lists, etc. So, if you are not sure of the purpose of a particular element, you can always call this prompt. The simplest way to do it is with the hotkey — press Shift and F1 on the keyboard simultaneously. The other two ways to do the same: Then the cursor will change its shape to the arrow with the question mark; point it to the control element which you need and press the left mouse button.

Otherwise, the starting of extra workplaces will be impossible due to the absence of monitors for making desktops. It is necessary to assign the monitors before starting the extra workplaces. Other devices can be assigned later. In this tab matching workplaces terminals and devices are shown graphically.

Every terminal looks like a small window filled with devices. You can allocate them between the terminals. A system units depicted at the top of the System window, it has a context menu with options for different global system parameters.

When you press these buttons, the panels for viewing the devices are opened or closed. You may change the picture scale using the hotkeys: At the same time the scaling area depends on the current cursor position: The semitransparency of the display picture means that this certain video surface is not connected to a monitor at the current moment. By default, it is not marked and semitransparent displays are not shown.

A display can be semitransparent even when the monitor is connected to a video output physically and powered on. It can happen when this monitor is not included into the Windows desktop.

Therefore, when you configure ASTER for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you connect all the monitors to the video cards, extend the desktop onto all the monitors and setup desired resolutions for them to ensure the monitors are properly configured and functioning well.

So, you can minimize the amount of semitransparent turned off displays and you will get a better choice of displays to allocate them between the terminals by easy visual means. You have probably also noticed that some devices are shown:

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