Bitdefender Virus Definitions Update July 22, 2019

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Open Services. Verify that the definitions successfully installed on the Update status section. Solution 2 If the above steps do not update the definitions a manual update is required in order to clear the possible corrupt definitions out of the MailEssentials directories. Follow the steps below in order to complete the manual update process.
Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 patch

Kaspersky Internet Security 19

Patches A — F for version In Patch F: For Windows 10 users: We’ve changed the link to the forum in the Support window to a link to the new Kaspersky Lab Community. You can use it to search for answers to your questions or to ask a question directly. We’ve improved the scanning of MSI files in order to increase your security. We’ve found and closed a vulnerability that allowed a third-party application to use the Kaspersky Internet Security self-defense mechanism.

For Mozilla Firefox users: We’ve fixed this issue. Previously, Kaspersky Internet Security would occasionally block the websites https: Previously, icons for the URL scanning module would occasionally be duplicated in search results.

We’ve fixed this. We’ve fixed several other small errors that we detected, and that you brought to our attention. To install Patch F: Run the database update for Kaspersky Internet Security. See this article for instructions. Once the update is complete, restart the computer. To make sure that the patch installed successfully, click Support at the bottom of the main application window.

In the window that opens, you will see the full application version number with the letter f added to it. Patch E contains the following additions and improvements: We have added full support of the 19H1 update. This means that you will have no issues with our anti-virus after your system updates.

We have increased your security by adding support of the Per-Directory Case Sensitivity feature provided in the RS5 update, which allows you to make certain file names and paths case-sensitive.

You no longer encounter payment or installation issues should you wish to switch from Kaspersky Internet Security to Kaspersky Security Cloud. We have fixed an issue that caused the order page that opened when purchasing a license from within the application to load slowly We have improved the scanning of secure connections. We have improved your security when using HSTS websites. You will now see the URL address of the resource that Kaspersky Internet Security has detected an issue with when checking the certificate.

This will allow you to prevent a dangerous resource from being added to the exclusions list. We have added support for protection against the Spectre 2 vulnerability. This means that you will have no issues with our anti-virus when you activate Spectre 2 vulnerability protection in Windows. We have added a notification about the successful upgrading of Kaspersky Internet Security to the new version.

We have fixed an issue in which, when renewing a subscription or license, Kaspersky Internet Security occasionally did not update the term. We have fixed an issue that caused YouTube videos to load more slowly as a result of additional traffic scanning by Kaspersky Internet Security. Kaspersky Internet Security will no longer reset Application Control settings. We have found and closed a vulnerability that allowed the Anti-Banner and Privacy Protection components to be disabled without your knowledge.

We have found and closed a vulnerability that allowed the Kaspersky Protection extension to be removed without your knowledge. We have fixed an issue that sometimes caused Kaspersky Internet Security to block connections to the Google Cloud Firestore cloud database You will now be able to open the website www. For users of the Ausweis2 app: For Chromecast users: We have also fixed various other issues that we detected, and that you alerted us to.

In Patch D: The Kaspersky Protection extension has been made compatible with future versions of Google Chrome. The procedure for installing certificates in the Mozilla Firefox storage has been improved. Support for long file and folder paths over characters has been added for the Anti-Spam component. A capability has been added in the Application Control component for categorizing scripts in the OneDrive cloud service. In the Licensing window, the license information fields have been renamed: The Key field is now called License key.

The Key status field is now called License status. Some capabilities have been removed in order to improve security. It is no longer possible to: Kill processes using the Application Control component. Disable the PPL technology process avp. Some errors have been fixed. In Patch C: Support of Windows 10 RS5 has been added. Statistics relating to the Protect a Friend programme are no longer gathered. The link to the Online Help in the analysis schedule window has been fixed: An issue with controlling the webcam audio stream after upgrading from version 17 has been fixed.

An issue sending or receiving emails in Windows Live Mail has been fixed. An issue has been fixed that caused threats detected in an archive not to be blocked after restarting the operating system. An issue has been fixed that caused files and the registry to be unprotected during a background upgrade from versions 17 and 18 to patch B of version An issue has been fixed that prevented the application from upgrading from version 18 to version 19 on bit Windows XP SP3.

An issue has been fixed that prevented the application from starting automatically after rebooting Windows when Patch B was installed. An issue has been fixed that caused webcam control not to work on Windows 10 RS4 An issue has been fixed that caused the application not to notify the user about a problem starting or operating after the Blue Screen of Death BSOD error.

In Patch B: VPN connection statistics are now collected. A notification has been added about an issue installing a Kaspersky Lab certificate in Mozilla Firefox if a master password has been set. The End User License Agreement has been changed. The Upgrade window has been updated: An error has been fixed that caused the Internet connection to slow down after upgrading the application to the new version.

An error that occurred when checking certificates for mail clients has been fixed. An error has been fixed that prevented files larger than 15 MB from loading.

An error has been fixed that occurred when removing Kaspersky Internet Security if it had been installed on top of Kaspersky Security Cloud. An error that allowed the application’s self-defense mechanism to be bypassed during installation has been fixed.

An error that occurred when trying to access the router interface has been fixed. An error has been fixed that occurred when making payments in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox after following a link in an email from Rabobank. An issue with displaying network properties in Firewall has been fixed. It occurred if the network properties had been modified and the application restarted. An issue with starting rootkit searches has been fixed.

It occurred when the system date had been changed or the tasks were started at scheduled times. It is now possible to install Kaspersky Internet Security 19 on top of Kaspersky Internet Security versions 13 and An issue has been fixed that sometimes caused the Mozilla Firefox plugin to be blocked. The text has been changed in the forms for connecting to the My Kaspersky portal, as well as in the windows containing information about it.

The text in pop-up warning messages is now in lower case. Information is now gathered about the operating system on which the application is being installed. Hypervisor performance has been restored after incompatibility with the January Windows security update.

An error that sometimes prevented https pages from opening in the Tor browser has been fixed.

Keep your Bitdefender Anti-Virus updated with the latest definitions.

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