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It features multiple layers of defence providing an impenetrable protection system. Top malware catch rates, as proven by independent test labs! Robust and comprehensive protection system for Windows PC! Features and Highlights Easy to use. Simple, elegant and effortless.
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Bullguard Internet Security Software

The good people at Bullguard recently sent me their Internet Security to try out and review The first thing you will notice about Bullguard Internet security, is the ease of installation. It didn’t take long at all, and the update process after install was painless too Configuring it was as easy as When the installation and updates processes have finished, it with proceed to configure internet access for your programs automatically, and informs you of which programs it is granting access to as it goes along.

Very simple and straight forward!. So it really does cover a broad range of users. After initial configuration: After the initial configuration of Bullguard, it was a simple case of looking through the options to decide what i wanted to try out. Firstly I asked Bullguard to perform a full scan of my PC. This didn’t seem to slow my PC down at all and whilst this process was in operation, I continued with my work and actually forgot after 3 hours that it was still scanning.

It took a while to scan in total, but this is an indication of just how in-depth Bullguard scans your PC or Laptop, also, I have 8 drives to scan! I was surprised to find it had found some issues and automatically quarantined the threats small as they were, they were still threats. Previous scans from another well know Antivirus program didn’t pick these up – so all good so far. All of these will help slow down your PC or Laptop, so its a good idea to run something like this every week or so.

Startup manager: Bullguard Startup manager is a good bit of kit I use a dedicated program to do this, but Bullguard Internet security has this feature built-in, so I don’t really need the stand-alone program any more I also have a separate PC tuneup program too, and Bullguard already has this function built-in too.

If you have a problematic program for whatever reason, you simply go to your Bullguard control panel, go to PC tuneup, look for Startup manager on the right and remove a tick next the offending program, and it will not start.

It’s very simple. There are many more components that make up Bullguard Internet security see below for some which I’m not going to go into just now, but I’m very satisfied with what I’ve seen over the past week or so. After trying this, I’d like to thank Bullguard for allowing me to do so and I highly recommend it to the complete novice and professional user alike.

Other components of Bullguard:


BullGuard uses the BitDefender anti-virus engine. Hackers are less likely to code their malware to disable BullGuard and will always test their malware to evade more popular antivirus such as Norton, Avast, Avira, Kaspersky and more. Next gen anti-malware — Intelligent triple layer protection constantly on the alert for intruders. Firewall — Extra heavy-duty protection against malware and intruders. Game Booster — Enjoy smoother gaming with a faster frame rate and no game lag. Vulnerability Scanner — Blocks access points hackers like to exploit. Related Article:

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BullGuard Internet Security is built exclusively for the everyday user, putting safety, simplicity and an easy-to-use design first. 10 Reasons to Use BullGuard Anti Virus for Your Business. BullGuard have a reputation as offering the “Best Malware Protection In The World”. BullGuard Internet Security is a paid application built to protect Windows-based The day trial of BullGuard Internet Security can be downloaded for free.

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