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Installing and activating Manifold consists of several steps: In the Activation dialog that pops up, provide the Manifold System serial number that was sent to you when you acquired your Manifold license. The serial number alone will enable Manifold to function for 30 days from the date the serial number was issued.

You can install it on however many machines you like. Just like your main Manifold System serial number, the serial number alone will enable the extension to function for 30 days from the date the serial number was issued. Note that although you could use the system to activate one Manifold license on several machines, it is against your license to attempt to use Manifold on more than one machine at the same time.

Doing so could result in your serial number being permanently revoked. It is also risky to use up activations intended for re-installation in case of hard disk crash or machine failure, because if you use up your activations you might not have a spare activation in case of machine failure when you need it. Please take care to keep track of your serial numbers.

For example, do not confuse a Business Tools, Geocoding Tools or Surface Tools serial number with a serial number for your main Manifold license. An Activation key fetched for a particular serial number will work with that serial number only.

Do not try to use an Activation key that was fetched using one serial number with a different serial number. Such errors are easy to avoid if you keep track of your serial numbers.

When No Direct Internet Connection is Available If your machine is not connected to the Internet, you will want some other way of visiting the Activation web site to get an Activation key with your serial number and System ID. If you do not have a direct Internet connection for the machine on which Manifold is installed, you can use some other machine to visit the Activation web site. Although it may be tempting to simply print out the serial number email, use a different machine to visit the Activation web site and then manually write down the resulting Activation key, it is usually a bad idea not to use Copy and Paste because of the risk of typographic errors introduced through a lot of manual handwriting.

Serial numbers, System IDs and Activation keys are so long that manual entry is begging for typographic errors. Instead, take a moment to copy your serial number and System ID into some electronic form: You can then go to a machine with Internet access and open that removable medium or email, copy and paste the serial number and System ID into the Activation web site to get an Activation key and then copy and paste the Activation key back into the removable medium or reply email.

Back on the installation machine you can then easily copy and paste both serial number and Activation key from the removable medium or the reply email into Manifold’s Activation dialog. If you will be traveling to locations with no Internet access whatsoever, please plan ahead and activate your copy of Manifold before departing civilization.

In extreme cases, people have used satellite phones or radio to contact colleagues back in civilization, they have read to them their serial number and System ID for use by the colleague, and then finally they have gotten their colleague to read back to them an Activation key. This is obviously a formula for errors, so plan ahead to avoid such situations.

The Activation Dialog The first time that Manifold launches after installation, the Activation dialog will open to allow you to enter the serial number for your license and, optionally, an Activation key. If you enter just a serial number Manifold will run just fine so long as it is within 30 days of the date the serial number was issued. If you enter both a serial number and an Activation key, Manifold will be permanently installed.

When the Activation dialog opens, it automatically shows the System ID computed for your machine by Manifold. The System ID is a unique “fingerprint” for your computer that identifies a particular activation request. Making major chances to the computer, such as replacing a hard disk, installing a new version of Windows or changing a motherboard may change the System ID, or they may not. Such changes may occur over the life of a computer or Manifold license neither of which will run to the end of time , so you can obtain five activations per serial number to enable you to re-install Manifold after making such major changes that may be required by hardware failure or by upgrades to new computer equipment.

If you enter only a serial number and it is not yet 30 days past the date of issue of the serial number, Manifold will continue to function without activation until 30 days later. There is no limitation of functionality, no limitation on the number of launches or anything like that: Each time Manifold launches, the system will pop open the Activation dialog to let you know how many days remain in the preliminary installation period and to give you the opportunity to activate Manifold should you choose to do so.

When the initial 30 day period expires, Manifold will not launch unless it has been activated. Because activations are a limited resource, the purpose of the preliminary 30 day installation period is to allow users to try out different hardware configurations before they decide which computer system will be their first choice for the Manifold license.

Take your time and resolve all hardware issues during the preliminary installation period. When ready, you can activate Manifold System on the computer you intend to use for Manifold. When entering a serial number or activating via the Activation dialog you must have Administrator privileges. When an Administrator enters a serial number or Activation key into the Activation dialog, Manifold will be activated for all users on that machine.

To make sure you have Administrator privileges login as “Administrator. When running the Activation dialog, make sure no other programs are running in background except standard Microsoft Windows processes and services. Do not run anti-virus checkers, uninstallers, registry “protectors,” network checkers, special administrative protection programs or other such programs.

These may interfere with the activation and permanent installation process. If desired, the Activation dialog also may be launched via the Help – Activate command.

About Serial Numbers Every Manifold System license is identified by a unique, permanent serial number. The serial number encodes the Manifold System edition that is licensed and the date and time the serial number was issued. It does not encode the user, it is not tied to a particular machine and it is not tied to a particular download, so be careful not to give it to people you won’t want to be able to use it.

Serial numbers are long alphanumeric strings that look like: Do not change upper case to lower case, remove hyphens, add space characters or make any other changes. A serial number must be entered as a single line without any paragraph breaks. If your email system splits long lines into two lines, make sure to reassemble the serial number as a single line when entering it into the activation web site or into the Activation dialog.

Manifold serial numbers do not end in a series of “X” characters. If you are trying to use a serial number that ends in a series of “X” characters, you are wrongly attempting to use a masked version of the serial number that has had the last few characters concealed with “X” characters to prevent theft.

Use the original serial number sent to you, not the masked version. When a Manifold license is acquired from manifold. The serial number will be sent to the licensee by email using the email address provided at the time of purchase. If you acquired your license directly from manifold.

If you have not received the serial number by email, please see the Tech Tip below to determine what problems in your email system may be preventing you from receiving your serial number email message.

Serial numbers have four functions: Your serial number specifies which edition of Manifold System has been licensed. Professional Edition licensees will have been issued a serial number that specifies Professional Edition, while Enterprise Edition licensees will have been issued a serial number that specifies Enterprise Edition.

All Manifold editions are installed from a single installation file, either for bit or for x64 Manifold systems. The installation file includes all the code necessary to run any Manifold edition as well as any optional extensions available for that product. All licensees use this same installation file. After installing Manifold System the type of serial number provided to the Activation dialog will control which Manifold System edition will be launched.

In addition, providing a serial number for an optional extension in the Help – Activate Extension dialog will turn on that optional extension. Providing a Professional Edition serial number in the Activation dialog will cause Manifold to launch in Professional Edition mode. Providing an Enterprise Edition serial number will cause Manifold to launch with all Enterprise Edition features enabled. Serial numbers may be revoked by manifold. In particular, disclosing your serial number to any third party except for the sole purpose of a one-time transfer of your license to someone else will result in the cancellation of a serial number.

If your serial number appears in any hacker lists or hacker web sites for unauthorized use of Manifold System it will be cancelled immediately.

Therefore, please take care to keep your serial number secret. Serial numbers are very important so do not lose your serial number. You cannot install Manifold without a serial number. When you receive your serial number by email, print a copy of the email and save the printed copy in a safe place. It might not be possible for manifold. If it is possible to recover your serial number, manifold. The limited, day period of time during which Manifold will function with a serial number alone is called the preliminary installation period.

The preliminary installation period runs 30 days from the date the serial number was issued. There are no limitations on the functionality of the software during that period. It is not some limited “trial edition” period or “demo” period – it is the fully complete, full power, fully operational software during that period, right from the very first day with no activation or other special procedure required. For example, if you acquired your Manifold license from manifold.

When entered into the Activation dialog, that serial number will allow Manifold to launch without activation until August 8.

After August 8, the preliminary installation period will have ended and activation will be required to allow Manifold to launch. Because serial numbers are very long, to avoid typographical errors use Windows Copy and Paste to transfer them to the Activation dialog as follows: Open the original email in which you received notice of your serial number. Launch Manifold and right-click into the Serial number box in the Activation dialog and choose Paste from the context menu or, click into the box and press CTRL-V, the standard Windows keyboard shortcut for “paste”.

This procedure will copy the serial number from the email and paste it into the Activation dialog without the need to manually type a long serial number. Just like a Manifold System license, extensions such as Business Tools, Geocoding Tools and Surface Tools also use serial numbers that offer a period of preliminary installation after which activation is required for permanent installation. Display of Serial Numbers in the Activation Dialog During the preliminary installation period whenever Manifold is launched it will display the Activation dialog to remind you that Manifold has not yet been activated.

The Activation dialog will display the serial number used for preliminary installation, but the last few characters will be replaced with “X” characters to keep your full serial number secret. If your serial number was not masked with X characters, anyone who had physical access to your machine could launch Manifold, copy the serial number and then steal it. The version masked with X characters is useless for activation, but it still contains enough unique digits to determine which serial number is in use.

Manifold licensees who have many serial numbers can thus easily determine which serial number was used on which machine. Do not let this simple privacy measure cause confusion when later activating your license. When copying and pasting the serial number during activation, make sure to use the full serial number as originally emailed to you.

Do not use the masked version of the serial number that appears in the Activation dialog. About System IDs The Activation dialog will always show the same System ID for your computer unless a major change is made to the computer’s hardware or software.

The System ID is a long alphanumeric string that looks like:

Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key With Full Crack Download

Installing and activating Manifold consists of several steps: In the Activation dialog that pops up, provide the Manifold System serial number that was sent to you when you acquired your Manifold license. The serial number alone will enable Manifold to function for 30 days from the date the serial number was issued. You can install it on however many machines you like. Just like your main Manifold System serial number, the serial number alone will enable the extension to function for 30 days from the date the serial number was issued.

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