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Date Posted: I agree. My plugin serials base on the 11 digits and the user’s name.
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Date Posted: I agree. My plugin serials base on the 11 digits and the user’s name. So the plugin serial can only work with a pirated c4d license, when the user makes his name public to the pirates.

You may use your customers email address instead of the name for validating the plugin serial, so it would be a further inhibition level for him to give it away. Posted By: Quoted for agreement. Software protection is always a trade-off between preventing someone pirating your app and inconveniencing the user to a point where they use someone else’s app instead. TBH, for me the price I sold my first plugin at means it simply isn’t worth the effort of trying to do anything more than a straightforward serial number check.

I can understand that if you are selling a plugin costing hundreds of dollars you would feel very annoyed if someone gets it for free.

I would probably feel the same. But if you lock your plugin to a particular machine, the user has to buy extra licenses to use on different machines – bearing in mind that it’s legitimate under the Maxon license to use a single license of C4D on any machine only one at a time, obviously!

I think we should try to stick with that approach and lock plugin serials to C4D serials. There’s nothing to stop individual developers using something like Themida if they wish, as the developers of Vray for C4D have done.

But this isn’t problem-free; some users have found that antiviral software reports Themida as a virus. And forget dongles. They break or are lost or drop out at the worst moment.

Personally I think the current system works okay. I doubt that many sales have been lost due to people using pirated serial numbers. These people wouldn’t have bought C4D or the plugin if they hadn’t been able to get the knockoff version.

I agree with Matthias that pirated C4D versions are Maxon’s problem and not ours. I even got confirmation from Maxon that there is no legal action that can come against us for selling our plugins to people with pirated C4D copies.

The serial number approach has worked for me. The most time consuming part for me has been to have to refund money to people with what I know is a pirated serial number. I think at this point I am just selling my plugin to the people who buy it and if their serial number doesn’t work properly because of their pirated version of c4d then that is their problem. With regard to refunds, yes, they’re annoying. I got caught with that ” serial before this discussion started and it didn’t even occur to me how naive is that?

It’s difficult to make a refund after several months – in fact I’m not even sure it’s possible with Paypal after a certain time interval. Other than that, I agree that if someone has a problem with the plugin because they’re using a pirated copy of C4D, it’s their problem, not mine. Steve Date Posted: If someone has crack knowledge and is willing to crack a software, he will.

People using pirated software are not the target customer of you in any case. They are less than 0. So any energy you put in piracy prevention is mostly for your own conscience rather than real protection see point 1 again.

Additional License – 29€

Din3D importer for Cinema 4D serial number is restricted to the Cinema 4D serial number first 11 digit. Cinema 4D Serial No: You must have a Full license before purchasing additional licenses. This is only necessary if you have multiple seats of Cinema 4D for instance, two seats of Cinema 4D R12 and want to add to your Full license.

VIDEO: SDK Help: C4D serial digits not unique?

Din3D files are quickly and simply imported in MAXON Cinema 4D. There is a direct Windows; Mac OSX. Cinema 4D . for Cinema 4D. Din3D importer for Cinema 4D serial number is restricted to the Cinema 4D serial number (first 11 digit). So what l noticed today that even though l uninstalled C4D R11 the serial numbers obviously stayed on the system because when l re-installed. Maxon Cinema 4D R Mac x64 Install Cinema with serial like this: You can install Cinema without ANY serial and activate ALL “features” later via . about the performance numbers displayed in this press release.

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