Adult Dirty Emoticons – Extra Emoticon for Sexy Flirty Texts for Naughty Couples

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By Kristin Magaldi Nov 30 For all you avid sexters getting tired of sending the eggplant emoji and a question mark, have no fear! LifeStyles Condoms has just come out with a sexting emoji app for all your dirty talk needs. Available for iOS and Android, the app features a keyboard add-on filled with amusingly suggestive emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Broken down into four categories — people, places, things and phrases — you can find just about everything for your next game of sexting. Whether you feel like doing it in the tub, want to try out a ribbed condom or simply want to tell bae in a tongue-and-cheek way it’s time to knock boots, LifeStyles has got you covered.
dirty emoticons for iphone

Adult Dirty Emoji – Extra Emoticons for Sexy Flirty Texts for Naughty Couples

On my old phone I downloaded two apps like this one. I paid 3. One was exactly like this on same pic but it shows no record of me buying it or even that I had it in my apps? Is it cause it a different iPhone? I used a iTunes card to buy but that shouldnt matter.

Should give more proof that I bought them. Would love my app back! Complete CRAP! Take your app and shove it. I would have easily paid the few dollars to unlock everything too if only we were allowed to keep what we text as private. I’m sorry I’m even asking for it, but It’s not up to me. Minor features which is what I need are bundled up with major features which are responsible for the scary alert that pops up , and it’s either all or nothing.

If nothing, the keyboard won’t work because it cannot write your selected emoji to the pasteboard writing to pasteboard is the minor feature that I need. It’s not my fault that this is bundled up with other major features that include all the scary stuff. Hopefully Apple will change this someday, and I’ll stop explaining my users that I’m not a privacy hazard, just a developer that needs a simple pasteboard access for the keyboard to work, but must ask for dozens of other scary stuff because they are all bundled by Apple to a general permission, called Full Access.

It’s not just my problem. It’s every emoji-stickers keyboard in the App Store’s problem. There are hundreds of other keyboards, and they all suffer from bad reviews by users who think their privacy is at risk. If you browse their reviews you will see it. Please consider updating your review: I love being able to send some of these crazy emojis, and wait for the responses I get! Great fun for flirting with your significant other, or your new fling whichever you may have! The permissions needed are the same as any other emoji app, as controlled by Apple.

Flirty & Playful Emoji

Instead you turn to your secret arsenal of suggestive symbols: It’s too strong and way overused. Your fingers are hovering over the cartoon characters but you don’t know what to send. Your juices might be flowing, but the creative ones sure aren’t. What should you send? Lucky for you we have every emoji you were too shy to ask about, right here, in this pervert’s guide to emoji.

VIDEO: This Sexting Emoji Keyboard Will Take Your Dirty Talk Game To The Next Level

The Top Naughty Emoticons Apps Out Of Naughty Emoticons Apps for iPhone & iPad. Welcome folks, to our new review post and in this post we are going to discuss about an exoitc and naughty app Naughty Emoji – Adam and Eve for iOS devices . Emoji aren’t sexy. It looks like you put a lot of thought into including different races, kinks, and sexual orientations. We wanted them to be able pick their own body parts in the Emoji — within the limits of size and colors.

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