WinRAR (32bit) 5.61

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This is one of the most popular tools to work with zipped files as it’s almost an essential tool on any computer. As you already know, you can reduce the size and weight of any file, email attachment or any other documents you have to upload or download from the Internet. And it’s obviously not the only program of this nature: Compatible with different compression formats Although its name refers to the RAR format it isn’t the only one it can work with.
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Download WinRAR For Windows:

Many years have passed and the tool has become better and better and built up a reputation for a properly good software application, a must have for any computer user.

It is quite simple to explain what sort of functionality WinRAR offers: This comes in handy when you want to save space archive data so it takes up less space and when you download archives from the web data is archived so it takes less time for the download to complete.

Going through the steps presented by the setup wizard will also take little of your time. The aforementioned 1. While the size of these installation files varies, they are all smaller than 2MB. Add create archive , Extract to select where you want to extract the contents of an archive , Test test an archive , and several other buttons.

The one that novices will like the most is the Wizard button — it launches a wizard that lets you do three tasks efficiently and rapidly: Support for a lot of compression formats is provided by WinRAR: It must be mentioned that WinRAR integrates with Windows Explorer, meaning that you can create an archive just by right clicking a file or folder. You will see several WinRAR options in the right click context menu when you select a file or folder. If someone sends you an archive, or if you download an archive from the web, you can easily extract it with WinRAR.

The application takes a no-nonsense approach to archiving data and to extracting archived data. Putting the spotlight on the visual side of things, some of you may not like the default look. And putting the spotlight on security now, it must be mentioned that you can password protect archives and it must also be mentioned that WinRAR integrates with virus scanners.

Please note that WinRAR is shareware, which means you can use the data compression tool free of charge for a trial period of 40 days. Its long list of features, its ease of use, and its data compression capabilities, all these make WinRAR a must have for any computer user.

Pros The user friendly interface that can be customized with themes is accompanied by a handy Wizard. Easily extract data from archives and create archives. Create self extracting archives, password protect archives. Provides support for a long list of compression formats.

It integrates with Windows Explorer. Cons Free to use only for an evaluation period of 40 days. You can download WinRAR free here. About the author: George Norman George is a news editor.

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Are you searching for the best compression and archive tool? If yes, then you are going to get a world-class application, equipped with a wide range of features, to cater to your needs for file handling. WinRAR is a famed Compression and archive tool. This tool almost supports all formats of files and allows you to compress in any format.

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WinRAR can be purchased or downloaded directly from the Alternately, you can select the option to download the software to your computer. Soft Page Meta Description WinRAR (64 bit) RARLAB Um compactador RAR para 64 bits Download WinRAR latest version for windows operating system. Are you searching for the best compression and archive tool? If yes, then you.

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