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Professor Palin Frame Shift Drive 3 , Thrusters 5 The system name links through to EDDB where details of the stations in the system and their facilities can be obtained and also trade opportunities etc. The engineer name links to the appropriate Engineer page on Inara. To change the search carefully type in the new system name and optionally the maximum search distance Optionally, Ly Find All the engineers information is taken from Qohen Leth’s Engineering Database And Calculator. All credit goes to him.
elite dangerous shield generator

elite a5 shield generator on endor

Three Engineers can help you modify your Shield Generator. Make it stronger against a weakened recharge, or increase the thermal resistance while lowering the kinetic resistance.

Check out the Experimental effects as well to tweak your Shields. Reduced emission The shields will consume less energy, but the performance will be less good.

It will also be less heavy, which makes this effect interesting for explorers or traders who have a shield limiting only superficial damage. Reinforced shield This change increases the maximum capacity of a shield by adding optimized mass and a certain bonus to each of the resistance.

The basic regeneration speed of the shield is decreased, making it almost impossible to reload in flight for larger ships. In addition, its energy consumption is higher. Thermal or kinetic improvement This change will remove a certain percentage of resistance in one type to add it to the opposite type. You can increase your thermal resistance by sacrificing your kinetic resistance and vice-versa.

Shield Boosters have stats that engineers can modify to suit your playing style. Three Engineers can modify these for you. Here are three graphs. The first one is defined with the number of unmodified class A boosters on the x-axis, that will be our witness.

The one below has a modification Resistance Augmented. Finally the last on the right has a mod Heavy Duty. The performance is improved twice. Big malus however, the module is 3 times heavier. Augmented Resistances By coupling Heavy Duty to Augmented Resistances, the shield will be able to absorb even more damage without pushing the shields too high, which would make the shields very long to recharge.

Generally 3 or 4 Heavy Duty rank 5 is enough, then fill with resistances. For example, you can increase your thermal resistance by sacrificing your kinetic and explosive resistances. On the ordinate axis, the value of a shield and its resistances multiplied by a common factor. We look for the maximum of each value in order to know the ideal ratio. On the graph, we can notice that the maximum capacity for the thermal resistance is around 3 on the abscissa axis.

With our formula, we must equip our ship with 3 heavy boosters and 3 augmented resistance boosters to hold the longest against the thermal weapons. If on the contrary we resist to kinetic or explosive weapons, the maximum of these two curves is 1. The same exercise is repeated to obtain an equipment of 4 heavy boosters and 2 boosters with increased resistance.

Just know that you should balance Heavy Duty with Resistances. Get a 2: The Shield Cell Banks can be modified as well, thanks to these two Engineers. It is more effective on vessels that do not resist heat well or when the cell is much too big for the ship.

Rapid Charge Increases boot up time and loses duration to gain faster spin up times and faster shield restoration when used. It can be useful on small ships as you can quickly inject more Mj to your shields. For larger vessels, the heat generated is too much compared to the Mj of refilled shields. The shield can be reinforced or even recharged thanks to weapons! There are 2 experimental effects that increase the resistance for one and the regeneration for the other. Regeneration sequence Applicable only to the Beam laser: The effect helps an ally in battle, but the more your ally will have a high thermal resistance, the lower the bonus will be.

Maintain beam to recharge the shields of your ally. Concordant sequence Applicable on all lasers: As with the previous effect, the thermal resistance of the target decreases the effectiveness of the effect. Shoot once to apply the effect for a short time.

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Well, do them! No arguments. They teach you the basic basics. The same difference between driving lessons and road experience. One gets you a licence, the other keeps you alive afterwards. When you fly around in a ship in Elite:

VIDEO: Elite:Dangerous

2E Shield Generator E:D Shipyard was created using assets and imagery from Elite: Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc. Even then, the shield generators are RANDOMLY PLACED on the ship . game would have (eg like elite dangerous) like the promised either. Please note the Shield Generator can be swapped for a Prismatic Shield from Anthony Hunt – test6.isp.regruhosting.ru

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