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That’s a reasonable discount, and it also gives you more flexibility than you’ll get with some competitors, who don’t offer a 6-month plan at all. The website does an excellent job of spelling out these details in a clear and honest way. There’s no attempt to fool you, no headline prices which only apply if you sign up for years and years, no marketing trickery at all.
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Now, getting to the most important part that concerns many people: My exact physical location is Utrecht, Netherlands and my current internet speed is 20 Mbps. Nearest Servers Europe There will be two rounds of speed tests, the first one where I will be testing the nearest server to the Netherlands i. I went on to conduct tests in 3 different cities i.

Let me show you the testing results one-by-one. My current physical location: Download Speed: Long-Distance Servers Outside Europe The second round of the speed test was conducted using ExpressVPN servers that are outside the European region, just to get the taste of how well it performs when servers are placed at a long distance. So, the only destination I could think of was the United States.

It is almost 7, Km away from my place, so why not? Not all of its servers are renowned for their speed, but ExpressVPN app lets you connect to the best server according to speed. Just let ExpressVPN do what it does best. As I already mentioned, the brand chooses the best server on your behalf automatically. But, you can select the nearest location of your choice to attain maximum connection speed. Netflix has made agreements with copyright owners to make their content available according to their specific targeted regions.

Not only that, the VPN has an amazing feature in their applications menu that will connect you to the fastest Netflix server. There were no proxy errors, neither had I faced slow streaming.

Once you do that, open Netflix and start streaming! If you ever get any problem, just get help from their Live Chat Support. They will help you out. At the time of writing the review, I downloaded a torrent file to watch the Oscars award ceremony after selecting one of the ExpressVPN servers.

Luckily, I met with instant success. Here is the screenshot of Oscars award function below: MediaStreamer The media streamer is another service you can opt in case your device does not support a VPN.

You can avail such service to secure your devices like Apple TV and others. I will be conducting the test using IP Leak Test website. So, ExpressVPN passed all the 3 tests i. This simply makes it the best choice by far. It is possible that your VPN provider is leaking your original location.

That means you are safe. The brand has published third-party audit report on its official website. It also complies with GDPR guidelines.

Before checking whether ExpressVPN keeps logs or not, it is crucial to know what data logging is all about. This way, you can understand the logging policies of different VPNs in the right way. To be specific, it has clearly outlined in their logging policy that they never log: We have carefully engineered our apps and VPN servers to categorically eliminate sensitive information.

As a result, ExpressVPN can never be compelled to provide customer data that do not exist. But what does ExpressVPN collect? This is what it collects: Which app you successfully activated Dates not time when you connected to ExpressVPN Your server location choice Data MB you used By considering the above factors, these are just the tools that happen to make your experience better with this VPN.

Turkey had to seize ExpressVPN sever which was part of a criminal investigation. In January , Turkish Authorities released a statement: ExpressVPN does not and has never possessed any customer connection logs that would enable us to know which customer was using the specific IPs cited by the investigators. The organization reviewed its Chrome browser extension in detail.

During the testing phase, Cure53 identified 8 different types of security-related risks. Out of these 8 security-related risks, 3 were termed as a medium, 2 were labeled as low and the remaining ones were deemed only informational level risks. In order to clear its Chrome extension from such bugs, ExpressVPN developers covered up all the identified loopholes.

Consequently, Cure53 team conducted an exclusive test to verify their fixes claims. If you wish to know which are the most transparent VPNs in the industry, read our exclusive and interesting guide.

It could become a risky business if you are installing an unreliable browser extension. But, in case of ExpressVPN, you are on the safe side. You can consider these numerous questions in the shape of corporate accountability and business model, data collection practices, DNS information and others. ExpressVPN international limited or any relevant organizations do not have any association with any VPN review site whatsoever.

If so what data is collected? From connection to disconnection Answer: The ExpressVPN apps do not store such data like personal or sensitive information by default. That said, ExpressVPN does collect minimal metadata to conduct technical troubleshooting and enhance service performance. The metadata does include operating systems, apps, choice of VPN server location, total amount of data in MBs transferred during the day.

What about GDPR? The VPN takes its users privacy quite seriously. The provider collects and processes the whole information according to GDPR requirements. The brand has divided the section in different categories and these are:

Secure every device on your network with the ExpressVPN app for routers

It operates over 3, servers across 94 locations around the world, making it one of the largest VPN providers at the moment and one of the rare companies with servers in less popular locations like the Middle East, Africa, South America, etc. It has clients for all major platforms and devices, as well as some minor ones, in addition to software and detailed guides for installing it on other devices. One disadvantage of using this provider is its limit on simultaneous connections, which allows only three devices to run on ExpressVPN at the same time. However, as the company explains on its website, this limitation can be bypassed with the use of VPN-enabled routers. Namely, if you install ExpressVPN on your router, it automatically covers all the devices connected to that router, no matter how many there are or when they are used. Moreover, it enables safe torrenting using its high-speed servers.

VIDEO: ExpressVPN Review – Fastest & Most Secure VPN I’ve Tested so far

ExpressVPN is a large, well-regarded VPN service used by many people – but does it really live up to its good reputation? In this new and. If you want to avoid these risks, find out how ExpressVPN offers a more secure option for torrenting. Actually, ExpressVPN is one of the best privacy solutions for . ExpressVPN has everything you need including great speeds, a good app, a large number of locations and servers, but the leadership is still.

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