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What does Go Launcher Z do? Advertisement Like all Android launchers, Go Launcher Z essentially changes the look at feel of your home screen, as well as adding new functionality. There are more than 10, personalized themes to choose from in Go Launcher Z, as well as lots of transition effects you can apply to get your home screen looking super slick. Go Launcher Z comes with several widgets such as weather, battery monitor, optimization, clock, calendar, etc.
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GO Launcher Z ncher Z GO Launcher Z Even the most modern versions of the Android operating system aren’t exactly built with user customization in mind, but Go Launcher Z can remedy that by providing you with a wealth of options for making your navigational experience all your own.

Android launchers may not be as popular or well known as some other traditional apps, but they’ve long been a go to choice for users that want the sort of versatility they’d find in a desktop operating system like Linux without having to root their phone and potentially ruin it in the process.

And while the setup process for some of the additional features may be needlessly complicated, it’s completely free to use, and it offers some of the best features you’ll find in a modern Android launcher. Go Launcher Z is built on a strong 3D engine, so you get quick and effective results without having to worry about exposing your phone to unnecessary security concerns.

The base functionality here is the ability to change how the apps and files on your phone are displayed and organized, and it makes use of this through an app drawer that allows you to sort through the apps you use most regularly with ease.

A large number of widgets provide you with easy and attractive access to some of the functions you use most often, and they include a search function, a weather widget, and an annual calendar. Combined together, these widgets allow you to put together a personalized dashboard that provides the most critical information with a glance.

Just keep in mind that getting access to widgets can sometimes be a complicated and belabored process. But perhaps the biggest selling point of Android launchers is that most of them offer free open markets for existing phone themes, and Go Launcher Z delivers admirably on that front. Their marketplace provides you with direct access to over ten thousand dedicated themes you can use to alter the layout, icons, and design of your user experience, and they supplement this with a huge selection of both static and dynamic wallpapers that are updated on a daily basis.

That means that even if you aren’t looking to change the fundamental layout or design of your Android experience, Go Launcher Z can still provide you with significant value as one of the largest and most versatile theme marketplaces around. They also include over twenty transition effects that you can use to change the animation that happens when you swipe between your phone’s screens. There are a number of management tools on offer here as well. You can identify blocked phone numbers and block advertisers, and there’s even the option to lock away apps behind a security wall.

Your phone will even snap a picture of unauthorized users. Rounding out the experience is Dr. A huge marketplace of free themes and wallpapers A great variety of customizable widgets Free for all users Widgets can be hard to set up Many functions may be extraneous for casual users Go Launcher Z is an Android launcher than lets you customize your home screen.

Consider this a sequel but just maintained in the same app hierarchy rather than with a new one. The focus here is still on home screen customization, but it now has a flatter, more modern base look.

The base aesthetic is just that: There are more than 10, themes to choose from and seemingly new themes added every day.

The theme collection has something for everyone: These themes give you options to change wallpaper, icons and more. Go Launcher Z also provides some core functionality that all themes inherent, such as the ability to open apps with particular gestures that you assign to them.

Go Launcher Z also supports widgets, and each theme has a default widget layout, which you can customize. Common widgets include weather, clock, calendar and battery monitor, but there are hundreds perhaps thousands to choose from.

One aspect that is a con is potential performance issues that arise with certain widget choices. Pros A series of useful widgets Open apps with gestures.

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Review GO Launcher Z 1. This improvement will make your app run smoothly so you can download it to get the best performance. Are you bored with the look of your Android device? Maybe you could consider Launcher program to beautify your Android device display. In addition to not get bored, personalization is important to show your identity and personality. Developer Team GO is one of the unsung heroes in Android.

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Download last Version GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper apk with direct link The brand new version “GO Launcher Z’ provides day updated themes. GO Launcher – New Themes Arrival! Features on the Go Launcher include: √ GO Theme: Provide + free mobile themes for android. GO Launcher Z APK has been released and this is the newer version of GO Launcher EX. This improvement will make your app run.

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