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I’d just like to record that his response to my support request was timely, courteous and effective. Well done, Ed! I have to confess to having got my Mac Pro into a right mess as I attempted by fair means anf foul to revert to a pre-Epson Printer Drivers 2.
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Hughes, Editor and Publisher Jaguar Magazine: I am a professional small business magazine and book publisher www. Your service back-up is also impeccable. With one of Norway’s largest aviation photo archives on slide, Kjell Granlund of Scandinavian Aviation Photography has used to VueScan to digitize around 15, images and is still adding new slides. Some can be seen at www. Kjell says: I get the required quality for digital preview and can return to the slide for a higher quality scan as required.

Students at Miami University use VueScan in their library for all their needs. In charge of the library, Stan Brown says that VueScan is soon to be used on their digitising projects.

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we at Imagerylab. One very helpful feature of VueScan is it’s ability to ‘remember’ previous settings for different types of film media. VueScan remembers previous setting based on film type and this saves us in setup time. Also, our business is attracting high quality photographers who recognize the benefits of our scanning using VueScan software. Sacalobra Studios: Thank you very much for integrating the support for the Nikon Coolscan as well as the Coolscan – the frame alignment works like a charm!

Finally all the hassle with the Nikon support is over: I’ve purchased a serial number and installed the latest version. The list is long!. Even without multi sample scanning the images render much more detailed an sharper compared to the Nikon Scan software. Your latest VueScan brings back the ‘art of scanning’ high quality slides from 35mm to 6×9 cm.

It’s amazing how fast VueScan works with the Nikon scanners now – it’s like steroids on the machines! Last but not least: This is just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of VueScan. I run a small, home-based business designing DVDs for people, transferring photos, negatives, movie film, etc.

My Nikon SuperCoolscan s both with SF bulk adaptors are great, but the Nikon Scan software always left a lot to be desired; it was slow, crashed often, and with the installation of Tiger As a matter of fact, it seems to me now that a lot of the batch scanning stoppages I experienced were NOT due to the jamming of the SF bulk feeder, but were Nikon Scan software related instead.

I am currently in the middle of a slide job, and after arriving at the perfect combination of settings for Kodachrome slides, I have experienced no problems or jams yet. I like the ability to save different setups, as well. I plan to try it soon with my Epson as well. Thanks for a great product! I’ve been a user of Vuescan on Linux since July Today, I scanned a batch of negatives and was reminded what an outstanding product you provide. Thanks for years of great service.

Larry Hogrewe, Pond Films: It works perfectly, I will always be in your debt. Again thank you for a wonderful product. Bill Van Dyck – long-time VueScan user: Thank you for VueScan. I have owned it and raved about my results using it for years now. Honestly, I don’t remember how long I have been a VueScan user, but I still get excited every time I download one of your free updates. Your continual effort to make VueScan the best product available has been impressive.

My original version of VueScan was an outstanding product that turned an old scanner from photographically useless to a very good image maker. Today’s VueScan is a much better product than that original version and the results it produces on my current scanner are simply fantastic. I can’t wait to see what you do in the upcoming years.

Again, thank you for VueScan and all of those free updates. Needless to say that VueScan is my recommendation to any friend or acquaintance that uses a scanner. Seiss Wagner – Architect: I purchased VueScan when I wanted more then what my Umax in the box scanner software provided.

When I purchased VueScan I assumed your interest in supporting the software would quickly wane and I would be looking for other developers products. I have now been using VueScan for nearly 10 years and I am happy to say I have never looked elsewhere.

I use VueScan for production drawing work, and hand crafted presentation work imported to PhotoShop for editing. I have no hesitation in recommending your software to other design professional and have done so many times. I always preface my recommendation with the comment that your product support is fastidious.

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VueScan Pro 9. If your scanner is no longer supported by your operating system, or you want more advanced features, download VueScan today. Latest Version: July 13, Size: The best way to see if your scanner works is to download VueScan it only takes 60 seconds. You can also check this list of supported scanners. This is a completely free program that works with the built-in camera and most networked HP, Canon, Epson, Brother and Samsung scanners.

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Supported Scanners. VueScan is compatible with scanners from 42 . 7 results To create more accurate search results for Hamrick Vuescan Pro Hamrick VueScan v Professional Edition x64 keygen by cRUDE. 使用者 VueScan 5 個 5» vuescan professional key» hamrick vuescan Analysis Report VueScan_(64bit)_vexe .. 1/18/ AM 3/27/ PM CN=Hamrick Software, O=Hamrick Software, L=Sunny Isles Beach, S=Florida Function , Relevance: , APIs: 6, Instructions:

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