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In addition to protecting you from dangerous online threats, it also protects your privacy and enables you to access any blocked websites and content. Protect your IP address — VPN software enables you to protect your IP address so you can enjoy private browsing and prevent hackers and spammers from monitoring your online activities. Surf the Web anonymously — By creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and Hotspot Shield servers, Hotspot Shield enables you to surf the Web anonymously without being tracked or spied on.
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Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Proxy

As far as the payment goes, you can use all major credit cards, PayPal and even wire transfer. Ease of the VPN software: None found. No upsells.

Instant access after payment: The answer to this question is complicated. As a service, Hotspot Shield is superb. They offer lighting fast speeds, an incredible user experience, and plenty of great features to keep any VPN enthusiast happy. Add your own Hotspot shield review Have you ever used Hotspot Shield before? Let me know below. To keep up the quality content on our website, we only accept user reviews that provide valuable information for our visitors.

Not all reviews will be published. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review – either positive or negative. Thank you for your support! By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the Terms of Use. I have been using Hotspot Shield for almost 2 years and I couldn’t be happier.

I commonly use WhatsApp to communicate with my family overseas and I’m so impressed with the quality. Anytime, I have any issues, their support team gets back to me the same day to resolve my issues.

I would recommend this to anybody looking for an outstanding and easy to use VPN service. Thanks Hotspot Shield. I have not been happy with this company at all.. I have no with for their service and would advise others to stay clear of them It’s a good app.

I’m just looking for an explanation as to why the free version works even after the MB data limit has been reached. Like, am I missing something important, or something? Because I was led to believe that it wouldn’t work after the first MB. But, I try it anyway, and it works like a charm. So, what’s up with that?

A few weeks ago it stopped working. Support kept sending recorded messages to follow their instructions. Nothing fixed the problem. After 2 weeks and more than 50 emails back and forth still no result. Last email says they have a long list of inquiries and I am on the list.

I have a 2 year Premium subscription, no problem taking the money, but I am still unable to use it. What a joke. However upon disconnecting after using my free quota I had several issues with this service. It hijacked my networking on my browsers and pages would not load. I had to uninstall to regain control. Shame as I would have probably upgraded but given the companies unethical approach to customers privacy and a blatant almost ransomware type attempt to force you to upgrade I simply would not deal with a company like that.

I searched for reviews and their support appears to lacking and they have unethical approach to refunds where they discontinue a particular service country that a customer has specifically paid for.

I bought a lifetime subscription to Hotspot Shield and a few months in the only country I am using the service for stopped working. Their customer support is incredibly slow and when I finally got an answer it.

As this rendered the service useless to me I asked for a refund, which I was shocked to hear I was refused. The service for the specific country is still not working and hundred of dollars down the drain for me Please be careful with buying this service, in particular if you intend to use it for smaller countries.

Do NOT buy any longer subscriptions as they may stop working and they will apparently not refund anything, even if they are not providing what you paid for. This happens on multiple different Windows 10 PCs. They knew about this error when I contacted support and at first they told me that it would be fixed soon in a future release.

However, when I pushed them hard on a date they said that a fix wasn’t actually in any schedule. I have read reports of this error from multiple users stretching back years, and so I conclude that they have no intention of fixing it. Elite customer here. One important thing about Hotspot Shield is that it’s fast, like super fast.

I feel it even enhances my connection because when I stream videos, the stream is faster and more stable than the direct speed. Oh and they say they no longer use OpenVPn but their own propriety protocal named Catapult Hydra which increases speed, security, and compresses data. No linux client, no content blocking in Android client. Hotspot help you to access any in my experience. No issue with that. Low ping, super speed and honestly comfort with hotspot shield. I give 80 for rating, because we know no one is perfect or just maybe I don’t know about the cons.

Yeah, this VPN is fine for normal user like me. Goodbye Hotspot Shield. First, when it came time to renew and I did not want to renew it, it hijacked my screen forcing me to put in my payment info.

The only way I could stop it was through task manager and shutting down the application. How they got my new visa number I do not know. Avoid hotspot shield. So I still use it only when I need to. I decided to upgrade to the elite version to see if the performance of it improved and it worked just great. It is a good VPN provider but only after you upgrade it to the elite version. Plus all of the locations were unlocked. From my experience, I can tell you that if you are going to spend more time using VPN, then buy the elite subscription because the connection is super fast and you have a wide variety of locations.

If you spend very little time using VPN then go with the free plan. When accessing certain sites, all I need to do is click the shield extension icon on my toolbar, then click the button to be connected to the VPN. That said, I would still absolutely recommend Hotspot Shield, as its positives outweigh those little negatives. I was given a 6 month promo code for premium, so I signed up for it. I downloaded it to my mac and it was actually quite easy to setup. I connected to the nearest server, which was London, just to test, and it worked a treat when I went to look at my IP.

I tried different servers and they all worked. The only thing was they were slow, as if a lot of people were using them, which is fair enough for a big company, but with the amount of money they have coming in, they could invest in either faster or more servers.

Apart from that, the program was easy enough to use, and my experience so far has been satisfactory, I still use it now and then. Have been using Hotspot Shield for a year now. It does not compromise the speed of my network as well as protects my privacy.

The desktop application is user-friendly, a single push of button establishes the VPN connection. The time taken to connect to Hotspot Shield server is also very short.

Do We Recommend Hotspot Shield?

There are two editions currently available. One free of charge and add supported, and a paid product Hotspot Shield Elite, which is clean of ads and slightly richer in options and features. One shouldn’t get infected by anything that may damage the system. How does it work? Basically it secures your internet connection by creating a kind of tunnel between your computer and the developer’s website, called Anchorfree.

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AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield is the #1 top-grossing app for Productivity and Tools on iOS and Android. In fact, AnchorFree is one of the few companies in the. Download Hotspot Shield Elite. Secure your Internet connection and protect the anonymity of the user online. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy, WiFiThe world’s most trusted free VPN with over million downloads. Try it now!Access media.

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