How do I crop a movie with QuickTime Pro?

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Key frame every. The keyframe lies at the heart of compression and has everything to do with quality. A codec is able to compress, reduce the size of a file, by taking one frame of full video information and then generating the next number of frames by storing only the differences between each frame and the first full image frame. By storing only the changed information, the file becomes much smaller. That first frame is called a ‘keyframe’.
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Key frame every. The keyframe lies at the heart of compression and has everything to do with quality. A codec is able to compress, reduce the size of a file, by taking one frame of full video information and then generating the next number of frames by storing only the differences between each frame and the first full image frame.

By storing only the changed information, the file becomes much smaller. That first frame is called a ‘keyframe’. The problem is that while in QT 6. It was built in with the introduction of QT 3 the foundation of our current QT. A lot has changed since then, however, the defaults that QT provides have not been changed in 8 years. The default setting found in “Key frame every” is 24 frames, this would be correct for the Animation codec, but is incorrect for the newer Sorenson Video 3 and MPEG 4 codecs, which are the two that we are working with here.

Open a movie in QT Player and move the playhead into the movie. Using the right arrow on the keyboard, step through the movie one click at a time. You will see a number of soft frames and then one frame will be very sharp, this is the keyframe. Continue on and you will see soft frames again until you get to the next, sharp, keyframe. Limit Data Rate to. This setting is turned on by default, and is used when you plan to stream your movie from a streaming server.

Internet Streaming is used for live web cast, like ‘www. Internet Steaming is different from the common QT downloads that most of us use. If you are not creating Streaming QT movies, and most will not be, this feature should be turned off. More about Limit Data Rate later.

Sound Settings. Audio files, while not as large as video files, still take up a great deal of space and contribute to the size of the QT movie. As you can see below, the Sound settings default to uncompressed full quality audio, including stereo. This is much more than is needed for good audio quality playback from a QT movie on the web. Below right I have changed the audio settings. The first thing to go is stereo, this will cut the size of the audio file in half.

I have applied the IMA 4: This will produce excellent audio and handles voice, music or both quite well. Time to get to work. If you want to export your entire Sequence you can select it in the Browser window.

You will be presented with the Save dialog box. Notice that the ‘Use’ menu, below left, is set to Default Settings, not what you want.

Click on the Options button. It is in the ‘Movie Settings’ window, shown below right with default settings, that all of the QT parameters are set. I always set my ‘Size’, in the Video section first, and the first QT movie that I will make will be for broadband internet connection.

When I build my QT movie for dial up I will pick a smaller Size thus reducing the file size for the slower connection speed. Click on the Settings button in the Video section, it is in this section that you will choose the Codec to compress your video. There are several reasons for this. As Sorenson Video 3 is available in older versions of QT, more people will be able to view your movie.

Some prefer one, some the other. I have been working with Sorenson for years and it is my codec of choice. On the plus side, MPEG 4 files sizes are inherently smaller. More importantly, MPEG 4 is also a smarter codec. At playback, the MPEG 4 QT movie will check the platform of the viewer and adjust gamma automatically, serving up a gamma corrected version for that platform, Mac or PC. This is a powerful feature. With Compression Quality slider I will use the default setting of “Medium’ as this seems to be a good compromise between quality and size.

As you can see below, it is possible to tweak the Quality settings, to make slight adjustments for movie quality and size. In the Frames per second section, the default setting shows no value, the box is blank. You must enter a value, I have set 12 fps as my QT movie has little motion. There are two different ways to have QuickTime movies download to your audience. Internet Streaming is done in real time, and is used for live broadcasts, like web casts or the radio stations found in iTunes.

Progressive or. Both dial up and broadband have limits to how much data per second each can handle. This concept is most important for Internet Streaming. The Data Rate of a movie is critical for streaming movies. As streaming is done in real time, if the data rate is higher than the connection speed, dial up or broadband, the real time playback will be disrupted.

In order to prevent overloading the connection with too high a data rate for Internet Streaming, we can set “Limit Data Rate to”, which will act like a governor and will restrict the finished size of the file by adding additional compression.

If a data rate is entered into the Data Rate box, the Quality slider, found in the codec setting section, will be disabled. As I feel that this setting is a most critical parameter for controlling quality, I would prefer to change other QT parameters to reduce files size rather than degrade the quality of my QT movie. As most of us will not be creating Internet Streaming movies, I would suggest that you can leave this box empty.

If our QT movies files have a larger data rate then the connection speed, they will simply take a little longer to download. Audio compression quality is very important, it seems that it’s better to have good sound and slightly less video quality, than to have poor audio with great video.

I have found that using the IMA 4: I reduce my audio sample rate to 32 kHz and set audio to mono. Bit depth is left at 16 bit and often is the only choice. There are a number of QT parameters that I will adjust to improve the quality of my QT movie or alter it’s size, but this audio setting is the one parameter that I won’t change.

Though in some cases you might be able to set the audio sample rate to 22 k. There are two immutable truths about creating QT movies for the web. Compression always darkens the video image and QT movies always playback darker on PCs than Macs and by a fair amount. During compression, the Gamma or mid-tones of the video, darken and contrast can be lost. QT does not have true gamma control, but it does offer us a way to adjust the gamma of our video.

In the Movie Settings window, click on the Filter button. Inside Filters, open Adjustments. I normally move the Lightness slider up about 8 to 12 percent, to compensate for the loss incurred during compression.

The amount of Lightness adjustment required will vary with your footage and your QT settings. In some cases you may want to increase your Saturation as well. Bright outdoor scenes will require less adjustment than darker imagery. QT offers a small preview window to monitor your adjustments.

The main drawback to this little preview window is that it only displays the first frame of your movie and the first frame may not be the best frame to use as a guide for the rest of your video.

Shown below left is the video before adjustment, below right, with Lightness at While not extremely accurate, the preview window will help get you into the ball park.

We can turn our Macs in to PCs, don’t worry, it will just be for a few minutes. Go into System Preferences and click on ‘Displays’, then select the Color tab. Click on the Calibrate button. This will open the ‘Display Calibrate Assistant’, click on the continue button to get to the Target Gamma section, shown below. It will open with the 1. If you click on the 2. Okay, with the Display Calibrator Assistant open, begin to play your QT movie, now, while the movie is playing, switch back and forth between the two gammas and audition your movie, both as a Mac and a PC.

Isn’t OS X cool? How much to lighten your movie to compensate for 2. If platform is an important issue, you can make two versions of your QT movie, one for Macs and one for the other guys.

When you have entered all your settings and click Okay, you will be returned to the Movie Settings window. This window acts like a Summary for all your QT settings and it’s important that you review your settings here before you move on. When you get your movie just right, take a screen shot of this window, or write the settings down, too bad we can’t make favorites.

Prepare for Internet Streaming. Internet Streaming is a special QuickTime mode of media delivery. Media is streamed from a server to your Mac, in real time, like a web cast or the radio stations found in iTunes. When you audition a 30 second song in the iTunes store, the audio is streamed to your computer and it plays, but it is not written to your hard drive. This is one reason for using Internet Streaming, no copy is made. Additional ‘how to technical info’ on Streaming QuickTime.

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How to crop movies using Apple’s QuickTime Pro software. Removing borders in videos with QuickTime. How do I crop a movie with QuickTime Pro? Is it possible to crop a movie using QuickTime Pro, to remove unwanted borders? There must be many professional video editing software programs which will allow movies to be cropped. However, cropping a movie using QuickTime Pro is possible. Although, it is not as straightforward as using a simple crop tool, such as the one Adobe Photoshop has for cropping still images.

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The difference between Apple’s free version of QuickTime and the paid version, QuickTime Pro, is one of functionality. In addition to eliminating. In it’s debut release, features include relabeling audio tracks and editing/ renaming track titles like the now deprecated Quicktime Pro software. – Buy QuickTime Pro 4 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide (Visual Quickstart Guides) book online at best prices in India on .

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