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But there is one change that may be unwanted. The new InDesign comes with a new internal serial number. Since , every Creative Cloud version of InDesign retained the same serial number.
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Adobe InDesign CS6 2018 Crack

But there is one change that may be unwanted. The new InDesign comes with a new internal serial number. Since , every Creative Cloud version of InDesign retained the same serial number. But for InDesign , this has changed. This means that since , when the Adobe Creative Cloud was introduced, it has been possible to use Id-Extras scripts and add-ons on all versions of InDesign concurrently.

If you try to activate your Id-Extras script or add-on in , if it has already been activated in a previous version of InDesign, the activation will fail with an error message. If your script has not been activated on a previous version, it will work fine in InDesign ! Summary of Available Options What to do? A few options are available: Do nothing. You can continue to use all Id-Extras scripts on all Creative Cloud versions of InDesign, or even on previous versions.

Transfer your license to Purchasing a license transfer means moving the product from a previous version of InDesign to the new InDesign Your product will not stop working immediately on the previous versions of InDesign, but it will stop working on previous versions as soon as InDesign preferences are deleted, or if it becomes necessary to reinstall InDesign, or if you try to transfer your Adobe account to a different computer.

Please contact us if you need this option. If you have purchased a license to an Id-Extras. Please contact us if you would like to do so. Transferring the license means that it will work on but will stop working on all previous versions.

Purchase an additional license for InDesign If it is important for you to have the scripts running on previous versions of InDesign as well as InDesign , you will need to purchase an additional license. Without rewriting our entire licensing system, this is the only way that Id-Extras products will work concurrently on the old and new versions of InDesign.

When you purchase a new license, you will receive a new serial number for your Id-Extras add-on. Stop Press! So some users find they are facing a hefty bill to get all their crucial 3rd-party add-ons working in InDesign To protest, a bug report has been filed on indesign.

This seems to be getting some traction well, 6 upvotes at the time of writing. But more interestingly, Adobe have officially responded by saying that they are looking into the issue.

So who knows? Maybe this serial-number change will be reversed and the old serial numbers will be brought back. Only time will tell. However, if Adobe do roll back to the old serial numbers, all of this is unnecessary. You may want to wait and see what happens before spending money to get old scripts working on Do all Id-Extras products work with InDesign ?

They have not all been tested with yet, but they should work. There is no theoretical reason why not. Nevertheless, if you do notice any strange behaviour in the operation of the scripts on let us know.

Any issues are likely to be minor and easily fixable. Do I have to pay anything to continue using my Id-Extras products? You can continue using them on all versions of InDesign prior to the latest without paying anything. You will need to either a transfer the products to and stop using them in InDesign , or b purchase an additional license to be able to use them in all versions of InDesign, including , concurrently. How much does a license-transfer cost? Click here to purchase a license transfer.

If you need to transfer 3 or more licenses, please contact us. Please note that a license transfer can take up to 2 business days. If I transfer my license to , will the scripts stop working on or previous version? Eventually yes, they will stop working. I need to use my Id-Extras scripts both on InDesign and previous versions.

What can I do? You will need to purchase an extra license if you need your script to work both on InDesign and InDesign or earlier. I only bought my add-on a few weeks ago. Do I still need to pay? If you bought an Id-Extras add-on in the last 3 months since 17 July and would like to transfer it to the version of InDesign, contact us and we will do so free of charge. Your product will eventually stop working on InDesign and will be permanently linked to InDesign Between InDesign CC released in and InDesign , every new InDesign update had the same serial number as the previous version, so our scripts and add-ons worked seamlessly.

They could be installed on multiple versions of InDesign, concurrently. With , Adobe changed this without warning, and InDesign arrived with a new serial number.

I cannot say what will happen with InDesign and beyond. My guess? I would guess that the serial number will stay the same for future versions of InDesign. It is unlikely that they will be rewriting it again soon, and so presumably the serial number will stay the same, as it did in the years — But this is just a guess. Can you help? Please contact us and we will try to help. Please join the discussion in the comment section below. Your thoughts here Id-Extras offers the best line of plug-ins for InDesign, with a solid history of quick updates and continuous improvement.

I licensed a set of them and would be happy to pay for license transfers as this means additional work for the developer and I also do not expect Adobe to reverse this issue.

Igor Freiberger.

Locating Your InDesign Serial Number

While it would be an excellent idea to keep track of this information in a spreadsheet, I admit that when I get a new version of InDesign, I throw caution to the wind, and install it as quickly as possible, giving no regard for keeping track of the serial number. But sometimes, we need to know which serial number is installed where. Recently on Twitter, Jean-Claude Tremblay posed the question: The wonderful Kris Coppieters wrote a short script for locating a serial number within InDesign. The script is only one line long. Make a new plain text file.

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