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This browser is faster and safer than its predecessors. Is Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 any good? Technical reviews of Internet Explorer for Windows 7 placed it above both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and has been praised as finally being as fast as Chrome.
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How to clear the cache in Internet Explorer 11

Review by Jerome Johnston on 09 May, Since the early ages of the Windows operating system, users could use the included Internet Explorer web browser for browsing the web. As time passed and newer versions of Windows were developed, Internet Explorer became better and better, having a better browsing speed and more features. The newest version of Windows, 7, includes the latest Internet Explorer 9, which is a true revolution in the world of web browsers.

It allows surfing the web in a whole new way. As it’s included in the operating system, Internet Explorer doesn’t need installing. Still, it displays a configuration window when it’s launched for the first time, giving the user the possibility to configure all its settings or to select an automatic mode. Beginners can choose the automatic mode, which automatically adjusts the web browser for best experience.

After completing this step, one will be able to surf the web just by typing the address of his desired website into the address bar. But the similarities with other web browsers stop here, as Internet Explorer has many more features than similar programs. One of them is the possibility to add any website to a favorites folder in a much easier way then other web browsers. What’s more, IE supports different kinds of add-ons, which can extend its functionality and bring new features.

When downloading a file from the web, the user can pause the download process and resume it at any moment and can also have the file scanned for viruses automatically, when the download process is over. This will increase security and privacy. Speaking about these, IE features an efficient pop-up blocker, which manages to block all those annoying and dangerous windows which are automatically opened by certain websites without the user’s consent.

Hitting the Alt button will open the classical menu, from where the user can access all the browser’s features. As such, he can export all its settings, history, favorites and more to a file and can import it later on. He can also delete all the browser’s cache and cookies using a single click, for improving privacy. Internet Explorer features a whole new rendering engine, which can display even complex web pages very accurately, even if we are talking about web animations or Flash video players.

It allows surfing the web faster and safer than ever, by using a new and improved rendering engine and featuring various tools for improving security and privacy. Besides that, it includes an efficient pop-up blocker.

Furthermore, it allows exporting and importing browser settings to a file. The classical menu can only be accessed by hitting the Alt key. Internet Explorer can be considered a true revolution in the world of web browsers, offering you a true Internet experience. You can download Internet Explorer free here. About the author: He has graduated from the Computer Science Faculty and he learned a lot about programming and Information Technology.

Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Internet Explorer 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential Sponsored Links.

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Internet Explorer 11 How to clear the cache in Internet Explorer 11 Like in most other Browsers you can access the browser cache delete-options for IE 11 in different ways. A Popup-Window opens. Remove all checks despite the selection “temporary internet and websitedata”. Click on the Button “Delete” to empty the browser cache. In comparsion to other browsers there is no option to select the time period. You’ll delete all cache data. Reload the page.

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Test your website in all Internet Explorer versions – IE6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and Try for free! Firefox. Opera. Safari. 9. 9. We offer IE9 for free but other IE versions require the developer plan. Yes, you can access developer tools by pressing F Information about Internet Explorer, including the latest version number/s for the 12, , Microsoft stopped supporting all versions of Internet Explorer except . Update for Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 7 (KB) Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows for xbased systems (KB) Internet Explorer 9 is the recommended browser for Windows Vista.

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