If you can’t update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The latest iPad Pro models without a Home button make the typical process of getting into Recovery Mode impossible however, so if you have a new iPad Pro 11 inch or Be sure you update to the latest version of iTunes on the Mac or Windows PC before beginning this process. You will want a backup of the iPad Pro handy before starting this process, as restoring may result in data loss otherwise.
ipad air recovery mode

Why will my iPad Air not restore?

Which situation you want to put iPad into recovery mode? To jailbreak your iPad. Update the iOS version and your iPad gets stuck on a continuous restart loop. Restore iPad from backup files, and the process fails. Upgrade from a beta iOS version. You want to erase all data to start iPad from the beginning. Reboot iPad or iPad stuck on Apple logo. This way may help. If you want to put your iPad into recovery mode not for the above reasons, then keep reading.

DFU mode will bypass the boot loader which enables you to downgrade firmware. When you enter DFU mode, it will stay in a black screen. How to place iPad into recovery mode 1. Press “Home” and “Power” button for about 10 seconds until the screen goes black.

Release the “Power” button, and keep holding the “Home” button. How to get your iPad out of recovery mode If you want to take iPad out of recovery mode, here are the steps: Hold down the “Home” and “Power” button until iPad turns off. Release the “Apple Home” button and press the “Power” button to boot the iPad. When you see the Apple logo reappear on the screen, let go of the button. If iPad is still stuck on the recovery mode, you have to re-install the iOS firmware.

Restore iPad data If all the iPad data are gone after you getting your iPad back to normal, you should know how to get these important files back to iPad. Retrieve iPad files from iTunes backup 1. Click the “File” button on the top list, and choose the “Devices”. Click “Restore from Backup Select the backup you want to restore, and then click “Restore” button.

A few minutes later, all the iTunes backup files will be copied to your iPad. You can also restore iPad in recovery mode, read the following steps: Turn off your iPad.

Keep pressing the “Home” button. When you see the “iTunes” logo on the screen, release the “Home” button. Recover iPad data with professional software If you didn’t back up your iPad data on iTunes frequently, or the backup doesn’t include all valuable data you want to transfer to iPad, what will you do? Here we recommend you a professional iPad data recovery to help you to restore all the valuable data. First, download and install it on your computer.

Step 2It will automatically recognize your device. Step 3After a while, all types of iPad data will be classified into categories and displayed in the interface. Step 4Select the data you want to recover and click “Recover” button to restore iPad files. This program also lets you restore iPad data from iTunes and iCloud backup. Fix iPad stuck in recovery mode You can easily enter and exit iPad recovery mode with the methods above. But sometimes, your iPad is just stuck on recovery mode and not responding, what should you do?

First, you can free download it to your computer. Choose “iPhone System Recovery” on the preview window. After that, click “Start” button to begin to fix disabled iPhone. Step 2Download firmware package This powerful iOS Systme Recovery can automatically detect your iPad is stuck in recovery mode and start to fix it. Then you need to choose the right iPad model and click “Download” to download the repaired device plug-in. It will take a few minutes to complete the downloading. Step 3Fix iPad stuck in recovery mode issue When the plug-in download is finished, it can automatically fix iPad stuck in recovery mode issue and bring it back to normal.

And if you want to put iOS device into or out of recovery mode, you can try the methods we mentioned above. When you want to recover or back up your important files, you can also use the excellent data recovery tool to solve your problem. So for avoiding any data loss, we suggest you back up iPad firstly. You can learn the steps from the video below: What do you think of this post?

How to Enter Recovery Mode on iPad Pro 11-inch or 12.9-inch (2018 and newer models)

Which situation you want to put iPad into recovery mode? To jailbreak your iPad. Update the iOS version and your iPad gets stuck on a continuous restart loop. Restore iPad from backup files, and the process fails.

VIDEO: Why will my iPad Air not restore? – iPad Air – iFixit

Necessary Tips on How to Get iPad Recovery Mode. Arthur Cole · @ by restoring from it. Note: These steps are valid for iPad 2, 3 and mini. You can not back up your iPad when it is stuck in recovery mode. To do so, the first thing you need to is getting iPad out of recovery mode. How to Force an iPad mini App into Recovery Mode. So, if your iPad mini is so messed up, that you need to do something serious to try to fix it, you can try.

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