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The truth is that music has been able to be enjoyed in its full quality for years now. It’s fair to say iTunes has become something of the standard, or at very least the most popular of all media-serving software, but iTunes’ Achilles’ heel has always been video. If anything, they find ways to make it worse. Microsoft has been ahead of the curve in terms of giving consumers the option to store and stream their content for years.


It offers a world-class engine for audiophile playback. All data paths within the program are 64 bit. If you haven’t done so, please follow the driver installation instructions from the Owner’s Manual for your exaSound DAC.

Before you continue, make sure that JRiver Media Center is installed and you can play music using the default Windows sound card and the PC speakers. Start JRiver Media Center.

From the left pane of the Options window select Audio. From the right pane of the Options window select Device Settings. For most applications Channel offset should be 0 and Channel swap should be None. Set Buffering to milliseconds. Check the Output Format check-box. In most cases you can accept the default settings.

Make adjustments as necessary to setup JRiver for your speakers configuration. For bitperfect playback you need to adjust the following settings: Set Output Encoding to None. In the Sample rate list set all frequencies from This will ensure that all PCM files will be played in their native sample rate. From the right pane of the Options window open the Bitstreaming drop-down and select Custom.

Select DSD. From the right pane of the Options window adjust the following settings: Standard gapped – 0. Scroll down the Options window and set Volume mode: System Volume.

Click OK to close the Options window. The exaSound DAC’s display should show the actual format and sampling rate of the source file.

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If you’re new to this, you might read the ” Getting Started ” topic on our wiki. Install When the download finishes, click on the downloaded file to install. MC will ask a few questions and will then begin importing your media files. You can stop the import and specify where to look if you prefer.

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Hi guys, Been wondering about this for a while. Some multibit DAC’s (like Audio GD NFB 11 R2R Don’t want to start an AGD bashing session. Home · Download · Purchase · Support · Company · The Most Comprehensive Media Software · The best choice for seamless audio, image, television, & video. When Ken Ishiwata demonstrated this product at its launch, he used his laptop as a source, running JRiver 23 as the playback software.

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