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But look closely; it might be that you have more than one login for that site, perhaps home and work emails. In that case, I recommend logging in to transfer each login for the site, so there’s no confusion. Of course, you want to get all your passwords transferred, not just the ones you’ve used recently. One way to track progress is to delete each transferred password from the old utility.
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Kaspersky Password Manager

If you are using an earlier version of Kaspersky Password Manager, upgrade to Version 8 before following the instructions above. Do not modify the exported. After importing, check if all data were imported successfully. If not, some individual data did not pass Password Manager’s data validation rule. See rules below: Data length is too long. Data contains invalid characters. Some individual data lacks necessary field value. For example, a website credential must have “website name”, “website URL”, “login” name, and “password”.

An application credential needs at least “application” name, “login” name, and “password”. If any necessary field was missed, data item will be dropped. Website URL includes unsupported protocol e. Trend Micro Password Manager only supports http: Open the Kasperky main application window. In the bottom left part of the window, click the menu button, then choose Settings. The application settings window will open. Provide a filename, then click Save.

Click Data, then click Import. Type your Master Password. Thank You for your feedback! Do you have any suggestions or comments to improve our products and services? Tell us.

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You can import both passwords from other password management applications e. Exporting passwords to a file is convenient for opening general access passwords, printing the Password Database, or saving a backup copy of the Password Database to a file in a different format to Kaspersky Password Manager. Exported passwords are stored in unencrypted files and are not protected from unauthorized access. Therefore, it is recommended to consider ways of protecting exported files in advance. When imported, the Password Database is modified. You can choose one of the following actions to be performed on the Password Database:

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You forgot your Master Password for ESET Password Manager; You want to import a previously exported password store backup .spdb Kaspersky Password Manager offers secure storage for your passwords, addresses, bank card details, private notes and images of confidential documents, like. You can export your Password Manager data for security purposes, data recovery, or when you transfer your Password Manager data to a new.

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