KeepVid Music: Download any song or video from the web to your Mac or PC

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Download for Mac Download for Windows Description Keepvid Music, a free app, helps with easy downloading of online music. It acts as a downloader tool that enables users in enjoying music of all types. The users can not only play their music files but also share them on various online platforms.
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Comment Have you ever watched a music video on YouTube and wished you could save the song to your computer? Well, you can, with KeepVid Music. It basically let us capture any song or playlist we could find on the internet, but it smartly cut out the adverts and split up all our tracks for us – automatically. While we played around, we discovered several other handy features. Pocket-lint What is KeepVid Music? KeepVid Music is a Mac and Windows video downloader app.

It primarily lets you download music from several music and video sites, but you can also use it to record any song or playlist on the internet. How does KeepVid Music work? Once you open KeepVid Music, you will see four tabs at the top. The first is Get Music. While on that tab, you will notice it has three screens: Discover, Download, and Record. Keep reading to see an explanation of these three screens and their features. You can also search fro songs, artists, albums, etc.

Just use the search bar. Once you search for and find a song or playlist you want, hit the Download button. The Download screen offers some quick-access links to these sites, but you can also paste a link to any video or song on the internet into the download search field.

Just specify MP4 or MP3 if you want it to download the entire video or just the audio, respectively. Once you download it, click the download status icon in the corner to manage or find your download. Go ahead and click on Record. This feature lets you record music freely from any site online. You can even record video into audio. From there, click on Music in the corner, then click the Add button, and select Add file for Windows in the corner to add music from PC or Mac to your connected device.

To transfer between two devices, connect the two devices to your computer via USB cables. Go to the Device tab, then click the Device icon, and select the Device you want to transfer from. On the main interface, select Copy Music to Other Device tab to start transferring.

Be sure to open iTunes to check that everything transferred correctly. You can also drag and drop them into iTunes. Pocket-lint Manage iTunes library One of the last major features we wanted to go over is how to manage your iTunes Library. From there, click on Scan button to scan your iTunes music library to find out how many tracks need to be fixed. And click the Fix button to finish organising in one-click. There are also options to clean missing tracks, delete duplicate songs, and fix music tags and covers, etc.

Check out this FAQ page for more. How much is KeepVid Music? Is there a website app? If you don’t feel like installing the desktop app, you can always use the KeepVid website experience , which lets you download videos for free by simply pasting the video URL.

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Download Despite how affordable it is to make use of online music streaming services of the likes of Spotify or Apple Music, there are still people that prefer to download music in MP3 format. There are all sorts of programs but we have to admit that hardly any of them offer so many functions and alternatives as is the case of KeepVid Music, a software for Mac, PC, and Android that covers other aspects beyond the download of music. Download music from Spotify? KeepVid can do it for you.

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Have you ever watched a music video on YouTube and wished you could save the song to your computer? Well, you can, with KeepVid Music. Why KeepVid shuts download the downloading service? downloading features from now on and they will develop better video and audio tools in the future. KeepVid Music Crack is an all-in-one music manage software that provides a complete solution to play, download, repair, manage and transfer.

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