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A lot of users might also have received the Nero Essentials software that comes bundled sometimes if you buy a separate DVD burner. Unfortunately, a lot of people these days have got a bit fed up with Nero due to the fact it has become so bloated with useless junk, that the great burning program it once has got rather lost in all the other software and components that come with it. Back with Nero 6 everything you wanted to fulfill your burning needs was all included within not much more than a 30MB installer.
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Uninstalling Any Nero Burning Software

Rather, it is a collection of multiple programs, among which Nero Express the basic free disc burning program is just one. The download amounts to over 1GB, and it takes a while. After you install Nero 11 Platinum, four icons appear on the desktop: I initially assumed — incorrectly — that all the other programs I just installed must be subcomponents of these main four.

In any event, the video editing program was the most complex and feature-filled of the group. Nero Kwik Media Nero Kwik Media turned out to be a basic media file organization and playback program for hel ping you to collate and play your video files, music files and photos. You can also produce slick automated slide shows based on selected themes.

In addition, Kwik Media links to an online service where you can order calendars, mugs, greeting cards and other photo-based products. This is a full-featured disc creation and disc copying utility.

Express is a light version of Burning ROM. Nero Video 11 The actual video editing program, Nero Video 11, is way more capable than the free Windows Moviemaker program that comes with Windows although Nero has a nice ability to import projects from Moviemaker. Moreover, Nero Video 11 is almost, but not quite, on par with standalone video editing products such as Pinnacle Studio.

The advanced mode has much to offer, but once you start using it, you can never go back to easy editing. With Nero Video 11, you must first import files before you can drag them to the timeline. Consequently, you import files only once. For advanced video editors, strengths of the software include the ability to readily add numerous video and audio tracks to the timeline; roll and slip tools for trimming edit points; frame-by-frame simulated jog dial, and audio level changes over time.

Another interesting feature, intended for use with TV tuners, can automatically remove TV commercials. Some 50 video transitions are on hand in Advanced Editing, including the usual wipes and dissolves along with some more distinctive choices like Kaleidoscope, Pond Ripple and Quicksand. Also built-in are some more unique effects, namely Earthquake and Wobbles. Notably lacking here is an obvious and easy way to go directly to disc burning, however.

You must have a source for the live video. An external camera, TV tuner, video capture card, or built-in Webcam will all do the trick. Audio editing is something that I do quite a bit, and I was curious… so I took a look in the program files directory where Nero Platinum 11 was installed. Sure enough, there was the WaveEditor. I double-clicked on the icon and this very powerful, pro-level audio editor program appeared, capable of numerous advanced effects such as a voice modification control to change timing and pitch independently.

This program is actually my favorite in the entire suite I immediately created a desktop shortcut after finding it. Additionally, you can burn to CD and output to a wide variety of audio file formats. SoundTrax also integrates with the WaveEditor program if you want to create effects or edit one of the tracks you are mixing.

Finally, Nero Cover Designer is a non-hidden graphics program for creating covers for both discs and disc cases. Conclusion As an experienced video editor, I like the video editing in Nero 11 Platinum much more than I expected to like it. I am impressed with some of the fancier editing creature comforts.

On the other hand, I am a bit disappointed by the lack of integration. Nero 11 Platinum comes off not as a unified program, but more like a collection, and the collection is quite redundant.

Do you want to burn a DVD? I appreciate the nuances of the different approaches to DVD burning, but a beginner might get lost. All encompassing disc burning and media creation software Excellent value Advanced features for video and audio editing Cons:

Nero 10 free version for Windows 10

Nero Playback of Blu-ray Turn your House in this theater. Play your favorite movies and home videos, recorded on Blu-ray, high definition audio and film-quality DTS and Dolby Digital Surround right on your computer. Nero is Kwik Mobile Sync allows you to share music, photos, and video between PCs and Android devices on wireless networks.

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Free Nero Download! ✓ day trial versions ✓ Free Products ✓ Smartphone Apps ✓ Nero Tools ✓ Update Discs ▻ Further information. Nero has available in many version but Nero 11 Lite version is the small packages of some important application from full version. You can use this version for. Nero Lite is a stripped down version of Nero Burning Rom. 11 May Nero Lite v Build · 15 Jul Nero Lite v · 16 Jun Nero.

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