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Email Remember nLite for windows XP? Unfortunately the developer stopped developing this tool and never released a new version to support Windows 7 and later versions of Windows OS. The good news now is that Dino Nuhagic developer behind nLite and vLite has released a brand new program called NTLite that allows you to customize and tweak Windows 7, 8 and 8. One of the important new feature of NTLite is the ability to modify an already installed operating system without re-installation. NTLite Features Live install modifications to modify already running Windows without re installation.
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Featuring dynamic toolbar around the tool, presets, image list, and many more analysis which help you be more effective while keeping your images. Tool can make a bootable ISO from any of them, if the basic image folder structure is there e. Boot and Sources folders. And you can edit images in all compatible host combinations, for example editing Microsoft Windows 10 image from a Microsoft Windows 7 as a host is compatible. Live-install Modifications Next to editing Microsoft Windows installation images “offline”, NTLite is including Live edit mode, a unique option granting you to configure and delete components from already installed Windows without re-installation.

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Sep 29, Download NTLite – A Windows configuration tool that allows you to customize and tweak Windows 7, 8 and installation. v | download | MB | MD5 – 7DECEEFDBD. NTLite – for Windows 7, and Check it out at Changelog. Feb 15, About a month ago, we let you know about the release of NTLite, the successor to the very popular nLite software. For the uninitiated and who.

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