Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft OneNote

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I assume that most computer users work with Windows. For Windows, there are various ways to use OneNote — especially the app for Windows OneNote app for Windows 10 You may have already discovered the OneNote icon as a purple tile in the start menu.
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I assume that most computer users work with Windows. For Windows, there are various ways to use OneNote — especially the app for Windows OneNote app for Windows 10 You may have already discovered the OneNote icon as a purple tile in the start menu.

In Windows 10, the OneNote app is preinstalled. The OneNote app is optimized for touch and pen control. That means: All panels and buttons are big enough to be hit with a finger or a digital stylus. The app works perfectly together with OneDrive. It has access to your notebooks in the cloud.

Thanks to synchronization, you can use all the content offline if you do not have an internet connection. The developers add new features regularly. Thanks to the Windows Store, the OneNote app gets all updates automatically. It is still usable and receives security updates. It will not get any new features — in favor of the OneNote app for Windows 10 see above. As a beginner, you should directly start using the app. For longtime OneNote users, the desktop version remains their first choice for now.

It currently offers more features than the app. You can save notebooks not only in the cloud, but also locally, for example on the hard disk or a network drive NAS. Since , the desktop version has been a part of Microsoft Office , the popular software suite.

The start menu can show you whether you have OneNote installed on your computer. Since , OneNote is available for the Mac. Mac users complain about the lack of some features on the internet.

OneNote for smartphone and tablet Your digital notebooks should be available anytime — no matter where and on which device. This concept is only possible thanks to the OneNote apps. They are available for most of the mobile operating systems for free. So, it is no surprise that Microsoft offers its services for Android as well. The OneNote app works on Android smartphones and Android tablets. It looks very similar to the app for Windows There are some features that the developers have built exclusively for the Android version.

This little icon hooks into other apps to interact with OneNote from there. Microsoft keeps the appearance of the apps as consistent as possible — except for the typical arrangement of icons and functional elements in iOS. The developers also do their best to integrate popular features such as handwriting recognition. Please note that you only have access to OneNote notebooks stored in the cloud.

From a technical point of view, this version of the OneNote app is quite the same as the app for Windows It just adapts to the display. Even though smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile barely play a role in the market, the OneNote app still receives regular updates and works almost smoothly.

Thanks to OneNote Online, you can access your digital notebooks via any Internet browser. Of course, you need to save your notebook in the cloud for this. Sign in with your Microsoft account on the official website http: Then you can open one of your available notebooks. The look and feel of the web interface is very similar to the OneNote apps.

Most of the content editing features are at the same place as in the other versions of OneNote. You will find your way around quickly. You can start the online interface when you need to use a device without an installed version of OneNote. With OneNote Online, you can access your digital notes when you sit in front of a foreign computer, for example at work, at university, with friends or on vacation at the hotel PC.

Please do not forget to log out and close the browser after online access! OneNote Online can be an alternative for Linux users. For Linux and other operating systems, there is no official OneNote app … yet? Which version of OneNote do you use the most?

Which app do you prefer? And which feature do you miss on your device? I look forward to your comments below! You like this blog post? Then please share it!

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Below Learn iT! Anytime answers the following: What is Microsoft OneNote? Microsoft OneNote is an easy-to-use note taking and information management program created in Its main purpose is to help users capture ideas and information in different digital formats. These same features have helped stakeholders and employees easily access information from various departments; including, handwritten or typed notes, screen clips, images, audio and video recordings.

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Get the OneNote app for free on your tablet, phone, and computer, so you can capture your ideas and to-do lists in one place wherever you are. Or try OneNote . Organize your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas and simplify planning important moments in your life with your digital notepad. Microsoft OneNote lets you take. Microsoft OneNote can now help your team stay on track—and on the same page —all from one seamless app. It can even allow you to.

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