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The results were so impressive that Lexicon gave its approval—along with its name and logo—to the product. The PCM 42 was a favorite of looping guitarists because of its relatively long delay time 2. The PSP 42 gives you twice the delay time 9. When in Clock mode, the PSP 42 doubles as a tempo-locked phrase sampler, and it performs beautifully, without producing any annoying artifacts. Another popular feature of the PCM 42 was its ability to instantly change the pitch and duration of delayed signals by engaging the Delayx2 button.
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Advanced delay buffer, modulation, Lexicon PSP 42 type, help needed.

Unique in concept and execution, the Lexicon PCM performs all of the functions you would of a high quality digital delay line, while the door to realms of musical expression that were only a dream now. Imagine a device that lets you lock delay times precisely to musical for rhythmic and expressive enhancements. Imagine an unprecedented degree of footpedal control for live performance.

Imagine a delay line that can not be audibly overloaded. ThePCM42 incorporates all of the innovative features that have made the PCM series the top performing delay lines on the market today: The PCM42 combines a delay capacity of up to 4.

Use the repeating phrases as background to lead parts, and dub any number of new parts in at will, to generate complicated, multi-layered arrangements LIVE. The Mix Control input allows smooth foot-pedal variation of the delay level. The Re-circulation Control adjusts the amount of delayed audio fed back to the input for multiple repeats.

These jacks also serve as auxiliary Inputs to connect to other delay lines, equalizers, reverberators, etc. Features Super long delay times for new dimensions in music. Up to 4. Allows the user to generate musical backgrounds and textures with precise rhythmic control.

Accurate delay readout shows the exact amount of delay in effect at any time. Tracks all changes in delay no matter how rapid. New footpedal functions provide an unprecedented degree of performer control. Delay level, re-circulation, sweep, bypass and infinite repeat may all be operated by foot controls. Versatile Patching: Mix and Re-circulation Control Jacks may be used to connect PCM with other processing gear in a wide variety of configurations, for exciting multi-processed effects.

Input Overload Protection circuitry eliminates harsh digital clipping.

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Page 9: Installation C: Page The rate can be adjusted continuously within the limits of 0,5 to 1,5 of the host sampling rate.

VIDEO: Lexicon PSP 42 and PSP 85 / PSP 84 – support forums

So how does the emulation compare with the original Lexicon PCM 42? Never mind the fact that you can have a PSP 42 on every insert of. Psychiatric and behavioral disturbances in PSP have been reviewed by Chiu (41 ) and Chiu and Li (42). Such disturbances were common in PSP and. Gary Hall (designer of the original Lexicon PCM 42), Electronic Musician. [.] The factory presets are impressive, as are the graphics and the audio quality – I’m.

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