What is Remo Recover 4.0.exe? Is it Safe or a Virus? How to remove or fix it

Remo Recover for Android: Lifetime License: These prices are supposedly discounted prices for a limited time.
remo recover for pc

Remo Recover Review

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Remo Recover for Android: Lifetime License: These prices are supposedly discounted prices for a limited time. There are 3 recovery options to choose from: To have the program activated, simply click Register at the top right and either enter a license key or access your RemoONE account.

We were given license keys for the Basic, Media, and Pro versions. The Basic version gives you full access to the Recover Files option, which does a quick scan of your drive and restores whatever files are found. The Media version is best for recovering photos, videos, and audio. While the Pro version gives you access to do a deep scan of your drives. Each version also has the features of the version before it.

I selected a number different files which I will then delete. These files will be used for the first and last feature. Test 1: Recover data from hard drive using Recover Files The Recover Files option is similar to quick scans on other data recovery programs. The first one lets you recover deleted files from any drive or storage device. The second one does the same, but you can also scan partitions that may not have been detected or are corrupted.

For this test, we tried both to look for the same files and figure out the difference between the two. The next window will show you a list of connected storage media devices. For this test, I chose Disk C: The scan started automatically.

It only took about five minutes to finish. Remo then showed a list of folders and files it found. With our scan, it found a total of There are two ways to search through the list of files manually: The data view, which is the normal way of seeing folders, and the file type view, which organizes the files by type. With over , files, I cannot just skim through the folders for our test files. This search took a bit longer, but not long enough to make a fuss about.

I simply waited for around 10 minutes and the search was complete. Hopefully, the Media and Pro features will do better. Test 2: Recover data from a digital camera memory card The Media features have a similar layout and also very similar features.

The Recover Deleted Photos feature quickly scans your storage device for photo, video, and audio files. The Recover Lost Photos option does a more precise and advanced scan of your storage device which also supports RAW file formats.

This took up about 25GB of space on the SD card. I deleted every file on the SD card and went ahead with the advanced scan. Simply click the drive and then click the arrow in the bottom-right corner. The scan took about an hour and a half to finish.

To my amazement, Remo Recover found This looks quite promising so far. I decided to recover all of the files Remo Recover found. I just marked each folder with a check mark to select all the files and then clicked the next arrow.

Having the option to compress the recovered files is a great feature to have. Although it takes longer, it will save a couple of GBs on your hard drive.

The recovery took around 2 hours for A prompt will then pop up to show you how the recovered files have been organized. Remo Recover did a great job with the media files. Most, if not all, photos could be opened properly. Some video files had a few problems, but I suspected that would happen due to their large file sizes.

The recovered audio files also worked well with minimal hiccups. I recommend Remo Recover if you need to specifically recover media files. Test 3: You can choose between recovering deleted files or recovering files lost due to being reformatted or corrupted. Remo Recover also suggests making disk images for drives that may have bad sectors. This will lessen the probability of errors and avoids further damage to the drive itself.

This would give the program a higher probability of recovering the needed files since less data is being moved around. The scan took approximately 10 hours to finish. After the scan, it showed a bunch of partitions it found on the hard drive. I ended up choosing the largest partition, which I thought my files would be in.

The next window gives you the option to scan for specific file types, such as documents, videos, and other file types. There are a huge number of file types to choose from. During my test, scanning through the file types made the program lag to the point of crashing. This meant that I had to do the scan again, which was quite troublesome. The second time around, though, the problem seemed to have disappeared. I chose 27 file types to cover all the test files. Some file types are repeated since they have different descriptions.

There is an estimate of how long the recovery will take on the left side. After approximately 3 hours, Remo Recover was able to find Despite being able to find There were over , files and almost all of them had lost their names.

Because of this, the search function is almost useless. Remo Recover simply numbers these files. Design aside, its functionality seems to be just the same. There are the options to recover deleted and lost photos which work the same way as the Windows version. Afterwards, a window will show you the disks currently connected to the computer. The next window will give you the option to choose what file types Remo will look for in the chosen storage device.

You can also limit the size of the files the program will scan at the right side. The smaller the file and the fewer file types chosen, the faster the scan will be. You also have the option to stop the scan at the right side of the progress bar.

The estimate of the remaining time was approximately 2 hours, although the actual scan took about 3 hours to finish. To further refine the search, you can also search for the specific names of the files.

With about 29 GBs of files found, I decided to just restore all the files that were found. This is where the free version stops. Recovering the files took about two hours, and the files were either organized by their location on the storage device or by their file type.

Most of the files recovered were close to perfect. The quality and size were exactly the same as how they were before deletion. There were a number of files that were too corrupted to be recovered. There were also others that only had the thumbnail of the original picture left. The photos recovered ranged from pictures taken a few weeks ago up to a couple of months ago. Even photos from various cameras that used the same SD card were also recovered. Despite the nonrecoverable photos, the fact that it was able to restore most of them means Remo Recover was able to do its job pretty well.

The design of the homepage follows the footsteps of the Windows version. I also tried the Xiaomi Mi3 — to no avail. I cannot pinpoint exactly where the problem is because there are a lot of variables. It could be the phone, cable, computer, drivers, or the program itself. Reasons behind My Review Ratings Effectiveness: I was able to recover tons of files although it was a bit difficult to find the specific files needed. Despite that, the fact that the majority of the recovered files were usable shows that the program works.

Ease of Use: It gives prompts on what they recommend and keeps you away from further damaging your storage devices.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Using this software you can restore data even after you have re-formatted and re-installed Windows. Create Disk Image to bypass bad sectors and later recover data from these disk image files. Remo Recover Latest Version! Works with All Windows versions Users choice! Disclaimer Remo Recover is a product developed by Remo Software. This site is not directly affiliated with Remo Software.

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