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Create New Rom. Originally airing in March, , subsequent seasons have aired in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The show is a satirical look at the modern dating scene, which is done without showing a single actual actual date.
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Romantic Comedies: The Creepiest Movie Genre

Create New Rom. Originally airing in March, , subsequent seasons have aired in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The show is a satirical look at the modern dating scene, which is done without showing a single actual actual date.

Trends in profiles are mocked, as are people’s superficial preferences and hypocrisy about their own issues. Given Cracked’s unceremonious firing of its entire video department in December, , it’s safe to consider the series cancelled. Affectionate Nickname: Josie and Max call each other “bub” and “butt” respectively.

A God Am I: Elise’s big sales pitch about her site for investors? All Men Are Perverts: Years of working at FindLove has made Josie realize this. Even a decent guy is just a moment away from a dick pic. Ambiguous Disorder: Blake is It’s never named as anything, but he has major problems in social situations, is incapable of reading social cues, and awkward to the point of absurdity.

Bland-Name Product: FindLove is OKCupid. Kindlin’ is Tinder. The clickbait titles make this more clear, explicitly referring to episodes as “The difference between OKC and Tinder. Bondage Is Bad: In the season 2 finale, Elise mentions that she and her husband’s anniversary celebration involves him suspended upside down in an abandoned Civil War prison.

Sex with me is terrifying. Chew Toy: He is painfully awkward around people and most jokes involving him are about that. Dueling Works: With fellow web-based series Rom. In the first season, Blake was mostly just a bit socially awkward around people, though he still hangs out with other employees. In later seasons, his social issues are almost crippling. Granola Girl: The two owners of CrystalLove.

Hidden Depths: In season 3, Blake of all people shows some aptitude for matchmaking, pointing out how Max and Rush might make a good match despite Josie’s misgivings. Mean Boss: Competent as she is, Elise can be pretty unpleasant to her employees.

In season 2, she gives Max and Josie a deadline to find a way for FindLove to upstage Kindlin’, threatening to fire the one who doesn’t deliver. Made worse by the fact that she knows that the two sites are owned by the same umbrella company. Odd Friendship: The final episode of season 3 reveals that Rush has been regularly hanging out with Blake to teach him how to flirt. Playing Cyrano: A variant in episode 2 of season 3. Max and Josie are tasked with running a trial of a date assistance service where they use earphones and camera glasses to guide a man and a woman through their dates and feed them information from the other’s dating profile.

The daters actually get together, but Josie and Max’s advice becomes more of an annoyance that they bond over instead of a source of helpful information. Scunthorpe Problem: Cracked has a filter that prevents any links from being posted in the comments to prevent spamming. The post never actually gets posted and is discarded like it never existed. Which is normally fine In the first episode of season 3, Blake says his last name is Wobegon. Sitcom Archnemesis: Rush serves as this the Josie and Max in the second season, until it turns out that the dating sites they work for are owned by the same mother company and have no real reason to try and rival each other.

As a result, they are on better terms in the next season. Straight Gay: Max is revealed as gay in season 2 with no fanfare. It’s just a thing, not a defining aspect of his personality.

In the season 2 finale, Rush is revealed to be “super-gay”, but pretends to be a womanizer because it reflects better on Kindlin’. Work Com: For the first two seasons, the show never left the walls of FindLove. Season 3 had some scenes set in restaurants, but the plots are still based around the company and website. Yank the Dog’s Chain: In the season 3 premiere, Blake gets matched up with a woman!

Who decides that getting matched up is pointless, leaving Blake all alone.

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