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It simplifies everyday classroom tasks such as taking attendance, checking timetables, viewing pupil details plus recording conduct and assessment. If your school would like to use the Teacher app please call us on or you can find out more about the app by visiting capita-sims. If you do not have access to these then please do not install the app as it is inoperable without them. The SIMS Teacher app has been designed to support teachers by reducing time spent on classroom administration. Open the app to take the register and it shows the name and picture of all the pupils in your class.
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Recover Your Sims Registration Key

Zerol09 posted Actually in most cases it does especially digital distribution Steam, Origin, etc. I didn’t consider that as we are talking about the disc versions. Digital is a whole other kettle of fish, and the reason I will never install either Steam or Origin or the unholy mess that existed before Origin.

Games that require either will not be purchased by me, and since Sims 3 doesn’t require either that aspect is outside the scope of this discussion. EA would like you to think it requires Origin, but that isn’t true. The thing only applies to games that doesn’t requires cd-key registration, mostly older or DRM free titles. However as the focus have shifted to digital distribution or some kinda online activation these day, selling discs alone is like mentioned moot because without the key you can’t play that particular game making the disc pointless which it is since it only acts as a medium to install the software from.

You simply can’t sell it without also giving up your account alongside which is also against it’s terms of use. Even the most primitive society has an innate respect for the insane. User Info: Most games are tied to a particular account or system unless you have a way to transfer that particular ownership account.

DRM free games are a excluded case. In the Sims 3 case, it’s practically not viable unless the key haven’t been registered to an account before. In this case it seems TC have already registered his thus making selling the game invalid. Likewise, I believe most here have already mentioned, it’s better if you just gift it to a family member or friend or just keep it. In this particular case, with this particular game, you don’t need to register the game, and even if you do the person you sell it to doesn’t need to register the game to play it.

There is no physcal restriction making you register the game to play it I know there are other EA games that require this, but they don’t count in this case. There is no need to bring hypotheticals into this discussion. The legal restrictions concerning the EULA only affects selling the game publicly, and has nothing to do with the price the TC expected to get for selling it to a private party other than the fact that the buyer may be confused by the registration “requirements” like some people here seem to be.

The talk about digital copies doesn’t even apply in this case.

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Latest News news, latest-news, korbin sims, gerringong, rugby league, group seven, cj sims, fiji, lebanon, png orchids FLYING wingers Suliasi Vunivalu and Maiko Sivo have scored doubles to lead Fiji, captained by Gerringong’s Korbin Sims, to a win over Lebanon, with the Cedars reneging on a threatened protest to cover their national emblem. The Lebanese players had originally stated their intentions to tape over the cedar-tree logo but – after the Lebanese Rugby League Federation threatened prosecution, including fines, suspensions and even imprisonment – the protest was withdrawn. The Bati scored 10 tries to three as Canterbury’s reserve-grade halfback Brandon Wakeham put on a masterclass. The year-old playmaker, yet to play NRL, scored a try and kicked eight goals, as well as assisting in two tries. Despite plenty of media hype surrounding Lebanon’s preparations for the match, coach Rick Stone said he doesn’t think it affected the squad.

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To redeem your keys for The Sims 3, Late Night Expansion Pack, your provided key for the Sims 3 base game during the registration process. Hi there! Does anyone know if you were to delete your Origins account and re- create a new one, would you be able to re-register your games?. Register FAQ How can I make my Role Sims continue with their duties? Add page tags How can I disable or manage the Paparazzi in my game? Add page .

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