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Web www. These two elements of the sub and the top click sound can be combined in many different ways to form a near-endless number of kick drum sounds, alongside more percussive snares, toms and pings. Sonic Academy has also teamed up with producer Nicky Romero, who contributes his own personal collection of click samples alongside a signature distortion section with controls for amount, tone, mix and whether the click comes pre or post. The main section of KICK is taken up by the large envelopes that allow you to click to add points, with useful Hz and frequency readouts plus sliders to control the overall length and pitch height. We also found ourselves wanting a dial to control the stereo width of the click sample and an oscilloscope to help craft the shape of the kick.
sonic academy kick synth

Kick 2: EDM Expansion

Sonic Academy Kick 2 Review: Sonic Academy Kick 2 A review of Kick 2, an audio plugin primarily used to make kick drums, bass and percussion sounds. Please realize that this may be far from actual implementation and just a visual guide.

This note gets sent to Kick 2 where it maps it to the current preset and refers to an existing audio sample like a tom, TRS kick, trap sound, etc. Presets from global a Kick Preset , pitch curve, EQ, sub control, and click samples are taken into account.

All are fed into a signal processing pipeline that does compression, limiting, equalization, and other effects.

It is clean, well laid out, and professional looking. Synthesizers and the Parts of Sound Unlike a physical drum where you hit it with a stick to make sound, Kick 2 is a sound engine geared towards making percussion sounds. Before jumping in and using it, it is best to go back to the basics of what is sound and how is it made. Because either you will learn nothing and just use Presets or really learn something and understand whats under the hood.

Being a geek, I like to know a little bit of whats going on in the framework of synthentic audio and music making. There are several different ways to create sound: Physical sound Analog electronic synthesis Digital electronic synthesis To create physical sound, you need vibration to move air particles. If you pound your hand on the desk, you are creating air vibrations from hitting the desk. There you go, you just made real sound.

Analog electronic sound synthesis is the process of using electronics via alternating current AC. To simulate vibration, you do this through changing voltage input levels. This is done using a circuit called a voltage controlled oscillator VCO.

A VCO creates negative and positive voltage in the form of pulses that are shaped in waves. Common voltage waves created by a VCO are in the patterns of sine, saw, triangle, and square. Basic sound wave patterns In the application of using VCOs for music synthesis, different wave patterns create different timbres tone color. For example, the timbre of a flute is different than a saxophone through using a different wave pattern. Filtering and modifying the signal is how one can create different sounds.

Lets look at the different properties of voltage generated waves that can be applied in making synthetic sound: The general wave shape — The wave pattern; sine, saw, triangle, square, etc The wave length — The amount of time to complete one wave cycle The frequency — The number of waves that cycle within 1 second Hertz The amplitude — The height of a wave decibels ; loudness and volume A sound wave If you take a violin and look at its oscillations, its in general a sine shape.

But in general, its a sine wave form. To mimic instruments in both analog and digital forms, the properties of a voltage wave can be applied. To create the pitch of an instrument for a note, the frequency of the synthetic oscillator is adjusted. The frequency is measured in how many waves oscillate within a second of time dubbed Hertz. A higher frequency results in a higher pitch tone while a lower frequency creates a lower pitch tone. All musical notes are related to a frequency.

For example, a C4 under the equal tempered scale model is associated with Frequency and Pitch Sine waves can be used to create waves using Fourier Transforms. The square, saw, and triangle waves can be created from several sine waves.

To create loudness in volume, amplifier circuits are used to increase the voltage level of a signal. An attenuator does the opposite and decrease voltage in the signal. In both cases, the wave shape generally stays the same, but the voltage levels are modified by a multiple. Harmonics is a frequency that repeats itself within a vibrated sound. These are the sounds that the ear picks up and focuses on.

They are created by taking a multiple of a base frequency i. All VCO components and properties can be simulated in software. Some sound algorithmically, and some through sound samples. This is what Kick 2 does to create percussion sounds. There are many different kinds of presets the plugin stores: Kick — Global settings per each Kick setup Curve — Frequency pitch curve settings EQ — Equalizer curve settings Sub — Sub harmonic oscillator control settings You can use a text editor to change the factory defaults make a copy first and rename.

The files are in XML format. For each different type of preset, each is broken up into three groups: Factory — Default presets User — Your custom saved presets DLC — Third party downloadable presets This is smart top level categorization, because it lets you save the originals as templates to modify and rename to create your own custom preset.

Kick Presets Kick 2 comes with a rich set of over Kick global presets catering to many different musical styles like:

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‘KICK 2: EDM Expansion’ features 50 kick presets and click sounds for Sonic Academy’s KICK 2 Drum Synthesizer. This compilation contains the most popular . Index of audio plugins from Sonic Academy. Browse plugins, then preiew and Sonic Academy Follow. synth · Projects made with A.N.A» · Kick – Nicky Romero. Sonic Academy KICK 2 · Source: Previous Next. The original D16 announce PunchBox Bass Drum Synthesizer.

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