Steven Slate Drums Releases SSD5 FREE Drum Kit VST/AU Plugin

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SSD4 Installation (Windows)

Double-click to unzip the installer and double click again to run the exe. Feel free to use the following link to download Win-RAR: Do not begin extracting them until all library parts have completed downloading. The extraction process could take several minutes. Once it has completed, you’ll find a “SSD4Library” folder with the file size of 9.

You may notice your License Download at the top of the page is “still generating”. If this is the case, please wait a few minutes and try refreshing the page. The license file is very small in size, so it should download immediately.

It will be named accordingly: Here is a list of Support DAWs: Click okay to move forward. Once the SSD4Library folder has been selected, the file path should be displayed to the right. Click “Select License File” and navigate to the License. The SSDSampler will continue to look for this license upon every launch. Moving or deleting the license will result in a “missing license file” error. After selecting the License File you will need to go to to “Construct Kit” and hit the Refresh button shown in picture in order for the Library to appear.

Instruments from the “INST” menu will need to be clicked and dragged to the drum interface or “empty” slots. Additional Troubleshooting Most DAWs have a “Plugin Manager” where you can verify the plugin has been installed and has been successfully validated. Please view the list below to see the most common plugin paths.

They may change depending on your DAW manufacturer: Plugin Paths: No need to modify those plugin paths.

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VIDEO: Steven Slate Drums 5 (SSD5 and SSD5 FREE) Now Available! – Avid Pro Audio Community

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