Odd Problem With Toontrack EzKeys

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However when I open it up inside Sonar and drop the exported midi file I created in EzKeys on to the track I get a whole host of additional echo on playback and it really over-accentuates the phasing – it just sounds naff, muddy and slightly distorted where as in EzKeys it sounds really clipped and sharp staccato – just as I want it. I’ve never had this problem with EzKeys before. There are no effects added – it’s the only track in the mix and it is using default audio settings I use successfully for every project.
toontrack ezkeys player

Toontrack update EZkeys player and release EZkeys Upright Piano sound library



Originally Posted By: Cygnus64 It’s on the program under “Music Theory Examples: Circle of Fifths”. I don’t read no steenkin manuals. Obviously, in the manual it explains something or other, it’s more curious than anything else that the “Circle of Fifths” example is not the Circle of Fifths. I played with the demo a bit more: The piano sound is actually pretty good in context.

VIDEO: Toontrack update EZkeys player and release EZkeys Upright Piano sound library – The Time+Space Blog

Buy Toontrack EZkeys Grand Piano – Virtual Piano featuring Songwriting Package, Piano Player with Extensive MIDI Library Sampled Grand Piano. Review. Toontrack Releases Contemporary Soul Ballads EZkeys MIDI Expansion 3/4, 4 /4 and 6/8 playing variations in swing and/or straight feel with. I don’t know if it is possible for Toontrack to do anything about that as it . In EZkeys the player is an integral part of the VI and in my opinion.

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