Lista zmian w programie Total Commander w wersji 9.0

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Lista zmian w programie Total Commander w wersji 9. Search in separate process: List file containing selected file names wasn’t deleted 32 Button bar, start menu:
total commander 9

Lista zmian w programie Total Commander w wersji 9. Search in separate process: List file containing selected file names wasn’t deleted 32 Button bar, start menu: Left panel: Search result within archive; Right panel: Allow to open files even if they contain right to left markers, but only if they also contain real right to left text e.

Configuration – Options – Icons: The new checkboxes e. Disable manual and automatic update checks, and hide update function from menu e. Update check function now sends user to www. Properties of files inside a ZIP archive: New tcmdlzma. Reduced automatic update checks to once per day, ramdomly after 0h.. Archive where deeper directories are stored before others, e. Configuration – Options – View modes: Search via “Everything” 1.

Themed listbox cursor was drawn in footer directly below file list during quick search 32 The following option didn’t work in bit: Main menu: When additional icon dlls have their own inc file, it will be used instead of wcmicons.

Compare by content: Default icon library for button bar was set to other than wcmicons. Configuration – Button bar: If the index differs from the wcmicons. Get file details size, time, attributes from Everything 1.

Everything dlls are no longer needed, replaced by internal code calling the Everything service directly. Necessary because the dlls didn’t support the new Everything 1. Updated to latest unrar.

Configuration – Options – Color: Synchronize dirs: Use old file list icons from TC8. Unpack 7zip files: Also updated 7zip dlls to Main icon: Made text “64” on the 16×16 pixel icon larger, better readable 64 Create checksums: Splitter panel between the two panels: Auto update check function: Button bar: Compare single files from each side by selecting just the two files and choosing “Compare Dialog for choosing the default icon library: Vertical button bar: Checkboxes in text search section of search dialog were too high, causing overlap 64 Passing plugin name via command line no longer worked, e.

Search function: Ignore “Search in” field when using ev: Locked state will NOT be copied! Drives dialog not working in x64 version test dialog shown 64 Folders in search results were not sorted by the natural sorting method e. Multi-rename tool: New option to auto-rename to “name 2. Auto view mode switch set for a dir with subdirs e. Bitlocker dialog: Checkbox to not show that message again. Bitlocker dialog and registration screen could still interfere in full version 64 Allow to view, rename and delete files ending with a dot, e.

When entering large directories, wait with handling messages for up to 1. Remote desktop connection: Don’t try to show the bitlocker unlock dialog while the registration screen is still up switch to local drive instead, as TC 8. Button F3, F4 etc. For consistency with the bit version, don’t drive drive icons from icon lib dimmed when hovering over them 64 Search dialog: Folder tabs: Windows 10 bug: Updated tc7z.

Suggest to use OpenSSL dlls in the log window when connection fails because the operating system doesn’t support session re-use e. FTP connection dialog: Change Attribute dialog: Accept date and time where there is more than one separator between each value, e. Switching to server with command line: View modes: Sometimes the right file panel couldn’t get focused happens when only the right panel window handle is recreated 64 Message dialog with checkbox e.

Define view mode commands when switching away from a view mode to a different mode. Separate by vertical line , e. Do not show any network shares in Network Neighborhood as in TC 8. On Windows NT-based systems, the new placeholder [u] at the start of the new name field converts all composite characters e.

Disable themed caret cursor in listboxes by default if WindowBlinds is running. Cursor would sometimes not show up at all until it is moved, e. Load selection from file: Crash when applying certain view modes from main configuration dialog. Delay internal commands to fix. Signed EXE was not recognized on older Windows versions.

Context menus not functioning any more in various dialogs, e. Configuration dialog, apply view modes: Copy in background with F5-F2: Help file: Drive button bar: Windows Instead of the useless photo app, open the old Windows Photo Viewer if it is installed.

With “Show icons for special folders: Normal file system” disabled, share icon overlays were not shown for folders with icon from descript. Horizontal and vertical split cursor on separator between left and right panel were too small on high DPI devices 64 Ignore keyboard input sent to TC while a modal dialog is up, e. F5 copy dialog. F5-F6 repeatedly doesn’t work any more with CHS file names 32 Thumbnails view: View mode background wasn’t used.

23.11.16 Release Total Commander 9.0 final (32/64)


VIDEO: TC UP – Total Commander Ultima Prime – Main Page

Nov. Jetzt gibt es Total Commander für Windows, die neue Version bringt zahlreiche Änderungen. Diese sind allerdings sehr im Detail zu finden. Total Commander shortcuts will help you to navigate between directories easily without reaching out for the mouse. Selections (9 shortcuts). Total Commander is a file manager for Windows, a program like Windows Explorer to copy, move or delete files. However, it can do much more.

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