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File Size: There are separate installers for web and offline installation. If you intend to redistribute either of these installers in the setup for your own product or application, we recommend that you choose the web installer because it is smaller and typically downloads faster. You can download the web installer here.
update net framework 4.5 1

.NET Framework

Distributing the. NET framework, and install it if necessary. For installation, you can bundle the. NET framework redistributable for the version of. NET that your application needs with your installer. DeployMaster automatically runs it as part of the installation, as needed. If most of your customers already have the framework installed, you can choose not to distribute it. Instead, put the URL http: If the framework is not present, the setup program generated by DeployMaster prompts the user to download and install the framework.

When the user clicks this URL in the installer, only one of the downloads below is shown. Since you didn’t click on a link in the installer, all the downloads are shown. NET Framework 1.

NET framework version 1. You can download the Microsoft. NET Framework Redistributable 1. Once you’ve installed the. NET framework, you can continue installing the application.

NET Framework Version 1. NET Framework 2. NET framework version 2. For Windows 98, , XP, download the Microsoft. NET Framework Version 2. For Windows XP x64 download the Microsoft. Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with version 2. NET framework preinstalled. Both downloads come directly from Microsoft. NET Framework 3. NET framework version 3. This is a small 3 MB download with just the. NET framework installer. When you run it, the installer downloads the actual framework components that need to be installed on your computer.

If you plan to install version 3. NET framework on a large number of computers, you can also download the full package of the Microsoft. This MB download comes directly from Microsoft. The small 3 MB installer likely needs to download much less than this, depending on what is already present on your computer. NET Framework 4. NET framework version 4. This is a small download less than 1 MB with just the. If you plan to install version 4.

This 48 MB download comes directly from Microsoft. This single installer can be used on both bit and bit Windows. This 68 MB download comes directly from Microsoft. This is a small download about 1 MB with just the. This is a small download about 1. This 64 MB download comes directly from Microsoft. This 66 MB download comes directly from Microsoft. This 60 MB download comes directly from Microsoft. This 59 MB download comes directly from Microsoft.

This 69 MB download comes directly from Microsoft. Page last updated:


NET Framework is a free programming infrastructure that some developers resort to when creating Windows-oriented applications and services using. NET technologies. Programming infrastructure for developers It’s basically a large package that already has all the necessary code with libraries, classes and templates needed by programmers to seamlessly put together desktop apps and web services by simply calling the code, instead of having to write everything from scratch. The package contains three major components: Three major components: NET apps, enabling programmers to develop projects using a language compiler, featuring cross-language integration and exception handling, enhanced support for security, versioning and deployment, along with a simple model for component integration, debugging and profiling services. At the moment, these are the CLR versions available:

VIDEO: How to Check What Version of .NET Framework 4 is Installed on Your Computer – GSX Help Center

NET Framework (comes installed in Windows and Windows Server R2). .NET Framework is an in-place update to. PDFCreator requires Framework and therefore Windows Vista or above. It’s fixed in yesterday’s catalog update:). Logged. NET Framework kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! bereits vorhandene Installation der Versionen , , , , , , , , sowie Windows-Updates, Service Packs & Runtimes.

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