Valid Product Keys for Windows XP SP2 Professional Volume License Edition

Pentium MHz processor or faster. Restart the computer. Press the boot device menu key and select USB to boot first.
windows xp professional 64 bit product key

Windows XP Home And Professional X86 (32-bit) Free Download Disc Image ISO Files

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No, not me. In this case, Microsoft’s EULA, which you technically agree to by your use of the software, defines who has the right to use it. On a broader scale, if I walked into your house and took your TV, would that be theft? According to your standards, it seems it would only be theft if you could prove that you owned it. What if you could not find your receipt?

I guess you would be OK with me taking it. What’s your address? No, that is your vague opinion of what theft is. Click to expand My opinion was not vague.

If it does not belong to you, or you have no right to use it, and you take it, it is theft. If I lived in a country that had no laws of any kind, but I took another man’s car that he had purchased, it would still be theft.

It is a moral issue as well as an issue of law. Apparently, you lack the moral fortitude to understand that concept. Not much I can do about that. Not if there’s no profit motive. If you copy XP and sell the copy, you’re in trouble. If you copy it and put it on another computer or give it to a friend, you aren’t. It will be really interesting to read the new EULA now that this is law here. I’ll be sure and post it ;- Again, there IS a profit motive.

That is an economic profit. There’s no reason to refer to me as an “underground rat” or “an unscrupulous person”. Can you please stick to the issues and avoid personal attacks? OK, I’ll take back the “rat” comment, but I stand by the “unscrupulous person” tag, for the reasons mentioned above. I pitty your neighbors when they buy something nice and you take it.

You would never do that? Sure you would

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In Stock and Ready To Ship! Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is designed to address the most demanding business needs of technical workstation users who require large amounts of memory and floating point performance in areas such as mechanical design and analysis, digital content creation, and scientific and high-performance computing applications. Specific business segments that will benefit from Windows XP Professional x64 Edition include the following: In areas such as automotive or aerospace design, engineers’ ability to conceptualize designs while meeting stringent design safety requirements more quickly than their competitors is the key to their success. Designers and engineers who use computer-aided design and engineering applications find benefit in the large memory support, fast memory throughput, and improved floating-point speeds, due to the need for these applications to work with larger models in a shorter period of time. Digital content creation. Additional computing power allows game developers and animators to save time in rendering models or scenes.

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