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Submitted on: After a few years in the partnership, there is reason for optimism. Gameplay This is where it all starts. If fans cannot get behind the gameplay mechanics, then nothing else matters.
wwe 2k17 key

WWE 2K17 Steam Key EUROPE

Submitted on: After a few years in the partnership, there is reason for optimism. Gameplay This is where it all starts. If fans cannot get behind the gameplay mechanics, then nothing else matters. NBA 2K has the following it does in part because the gameplay is so smooth, and it has been for quite some time. There is a solid foundation upon which the 2K team has the ability to make tweaks and adjustments, rather than starting from scratch each time.

For example, after fans complained of too many reversals in 2K15, 2K16 attempted to right that wrong. Fan reaction was mixed — the reduction in the number of reversals was appreciated, but it also had an impact on match strategy. Professional wrestling is far more complex than it gets credit for, and getting that complexity to translate to a fighting game is easier said than done.

Far too often, bouts get reduced to a button-mashing, clunky mess. It has no doubt gotten better in recent years, but 2K should really focus as much of its efforts as possible on polishing up the gameplay. In addition, we expect captivating gameplay modes that will hold our attention until the next version is released. The Universe and career modes are what 2K has to offer. There are solid foundations here, but both could use some tweaking.

The career mode is already pretty strong. The point system by which you move up the ladder in NXT and then the main roster is solid. However, the temptation to pay money in order to boost your attributes is somewhat frustrating.

Some middle ground here would be appreciated so as to avoid the initial frustration of getting whooped early on in your career. They are headed in the right direction, but some more customization and more flexibility would be nice.

Wrestling fans live to play fantasy booker, and while this mode allows for that to some degree, it could use more. Setting up rivalries is a nice idea, but the execution is quite basic and leaves a lot to be desired. It would be nice to have the ability to set a framework for a feud that includes the duration, as well as the number of matches. Some of the wrestlers look just like their real-life counterparts, while with others it can be difficult to tell.

The animations have always been an issue, even if that’s less so the case in recent years. Still, it can be frustrating to be in the flow of a good match only to have it ruined by a few awkward animations. Some more polish in this department would go a long way. The WWE 2K series finally appears to be on the right track. This is not something you could confidently say even five years ago.

Those GameCube n64 wrestling games have a fun factor unmatched. I wish they’d find a happy medium with what they’re attempting to do and what those Nintendo series have do done in the past. You can get any wrestler to perform like their real life counter-part. I no longer want Kalisto suplexing Andre the Giant. I really hope the career gets improved much more because the foundation is there but it got old quickly.

WWE 2k16 was a strong foundation all around, but I hope WWE 2k17 comes with a wealth of improvements that prolong the game. Within a month, I lost all interest in 2k16 and deleted it off my PS4. I think this is what the game needs more than anything.

Some type of control over how a wrestler behaves in the ring. I disagree with they should make this into a fighting game. Fighting in is the exact opposite of pro wrestling. In fighting you forcefully work against your opponent to make the fight end while taking little damage as possible, while in pro wrestling you play a game of give and take to work with your opponent to create a great match for the fans to enjoy. So I don’t know why they don’t add this to the gameplay.

Some older Japanese wrestling games have this and a grade system on your matches. Overall I like the direction 2k has taken the series so far. But it is still pretty far from looking like a real match on TV as far as in ring action, the graphics are the least of the games issues in my opinion. There were definite improvements. I think once they get the awkwardness from stuff in the ring suplexes where legs hit the ropes still comes to mind then the gameplay part of it will be even better.

Maybe a bit of tweaking with the submission system. Graphically, though, they’re on par with some of the top games and that’s no concern at all. Both modes are great, but lose their replay ability after so long. Unless you’ve got enough time to be able to edit everything. It gets old having a long feud and those two guys face off most every week in a match, then a PPV match as well.

The editing menu could get a bit cumbersome at times. Career mode falls flat even quicker for me. It was weird in how you would get the title shots at first, but then it became like universe mode from there, just a bunch of singles matches with the person you’re feuding with, leading up to the PPV match.

If the feuds have some life to them, or at least some variance from a bunch of singles matches and random cut scenes with your feud opponent on commentary or doing a run in, then they’ll really be helping those modes. Give us more rivalry slots, more customization over rivalries, and better presentation over the whole thing.

I’d love to see more run ins and match interferences as part of the rivalries as well. Maybe some of them give the player a chance to defend themselves, while others could be totally scripted, as you watch your guy get pummeled and left for an easy pinfall. They really need to figure out how to use managers as well. The current system is so annoying and predictable, I basically avoid putting managers in matches altogether.

You should also be able to assign managers to certain wrestlers in Universe mode, never understood why that wasn’t an option. Another thing I’m hopeful on is a return to greatness on the entrance creator.

Last year they took away so many of the classic entrance movements that had been in the game for years, I just don’t understand why. It’s also crucial to get the ability to import theme music back into the game. The PS4 is surely capable of this. At the end of the day, I have faith in 2k. They’ve made great improvements in the couple of years they’ve had the license. Hopefully they listen to the fans and figure this all out. No problem waiting another year if they don’t get it right this time out.

Originally Posted by Guapo Just reskin day of reckoning 2. The One on One match gameplay has been unmatched to those games. I would also like to see a lot more focus on Universe mode. I have no interest at all in Showcase mode. Seems to me like they could go a long way towards getting back the No Mercy magic by just having separate reversal buttons for strikes and grapples. That’s what always made those games so addictive to me, the constant guessing game of what your opponent would throw at you next.

The current reversal system, although vastly improved last year with the limit being added, is just too easy and usually results in neither guy ever being able to string together more than a few moves at a time. Originally Posted by DBMcGee3 Seems to me like they could go a long way towards getting back the No Mercy magic by just having separate reversal buttons for strikes and grapples. That would certainly be a step in the right direction.

Personally, though I just miss the gameplay. DOR had this feature where the screen would shake when you’d pull off a finisher which I thought added to the “feel” of a strong finisher. It also gave all superstars the comeback option so the match could turn at anytime. I also miss the random interference option from DOR. No Mercy probably had my favorite control and move system of any wrestling game ever. There were plenty of grapple moves for each superstar and it was extremely easy to be able to pull off distinctly different ones each time.

I also miss the old huds and building up and stocking specials. I know the newer games have that but I liked it better when you were in a “Special” state for only a certain amount of time. Originally Posted by jaispeed there are weight classes..

Bruh, I’m not talking about SvR Even though he added parts not needed, he’s right. There are weight classes. You’re misinformed. I know what I’m seeing.

Id would post video on here if I could. It should be so easy to implement, too Originally Posted by CujoMatty I agree with all these points but the biggest problem to me is the commentary. Heck, if they just allow us to turn off the commentary, that’d be a huge improvement. Couldn’t believe that you couldn’t turn off the commentary considering it is so bad.

Originally Posted by Clarityman How about make it so it’s not so freaking easy to kick out at one? Yep, completely agree.


The follow-up of WWE 2K16 boasts the most authentic WWE gameplay we’ve ever seen to date, including new animations, backstage and arena brawling, an upgraded Creation Suite and thousands of new moves to choose from, not to mention the biggest ever roster of WWE, NXT and Legends superstars so far. Players will talk smack to rivals, form alliances with fellow superstars. Your dialogue plays a key role in the destiny of your superstar, so choose your words wisely if you are to climb the ladder through NXT to the WWE Hall of Fame. Once again, a soundtrack crammed with stars accompanies the 2K wrestling phenomenon. Take control of your favorite superstars and recreate the finest moments ever witnessed in the ring, or use the creation options on offer to make your own! Head into the ring with the most authentic WWE experience ever in WWE 2K17, with the most expansive roster and creation options ever seen. Compare game prices.

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