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It supports such games that have no gamepad support or have fewer capabilities of the gamepad. Xpadder has been particularly designed for the Windows platform. You can add gamepad support while playing the emulated, online or DOS games.
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It supports such games that have no gamepad support or have fewer capabilities of the gamepad. Xpadder has been particularly designed for the Windows platform. You can add gamepad support while playing the emulated, online or DOS games. Furthermore, it provides support for the multiplayer games where every player can use a separate gamepad.

Recently, the tool has been updated, and this update gives you full control over the game by using the shortcut keys. Xpadder Striking Features Here are some salient features of the tool to let you know how beneficial it is. It enables you to handle your controller in a way you desire. It enables you to play even the games your controller does not support.

So, you can play more and more games by using it. Besides, it allows you to play online games using any browser. It works with gamepad, joystick and arcade sticks. It also brings some latent effects such as vibration, rumble-force effects, etc.

You can customize the layout. It is lightweight software and does not occupy much space in your Hard Disk. The tool gives additional support to multiple players to play on their different gamepads. It supports you for more than 16 controllers at a time.

You just require an Xbox Controller and Xpadder tool to set up this straightforward tool. It is not a hard nut to crack to make the tool functioning. It requires your 10 minutes only. The tool includes a guide for every section such as Toolbar Controls, Standard Controls, Basics, Controller Layout, and troubleshooting, etc. The graphics are not very attractive, but the user interface is straightforward with a powerful utility to serve the gamers in the best way.

This powerful tool enables you to use 16 controllers at a time. Xpadder also supports the plastic peripherals including guitars, steering wheels, and dance pads, etc. Available Versions There are two versions you can download. The paid version requires one-time payment only. Against one-time fee, you will get all future versions of Xpadder without spending a penny. Some gamers want to get a free version of the application for Windows QDownload claims to give the gamers a free version of Xpadder that is compatible with Windows You can try it out if you prefer a free version.

If you want to get any of them, follow the steps given below. Select the Profile and copy the information from the forum. Now go to the Xpadder tool. How to Use Xpadder Once you have downloaded it from the given site, attach your controller to the computer. Make sure; it is compatible with your Windows. I am going to test it with an Xbox Controller, but it is compatible with hundreds of other controllers. Come to the main screen and select the game-pad icon that appears on the top left corner of the Window.

In this section, you will see a few options. You can skip this step but it will make other settings more convenient for you. Once, you have selected the controller that you want to use with Xpadder, go to the Xpadder Game Controller Database to find a suitable image of your controller and download it.

Save the image to a place in your system where it is easily accessible. Follow the on-screen instructions. Other settings will remain the same. Use all button of your controller one followed by the other. It will add all the buttons in the controller layout. Drag and drop every indicator to a particular location given on the on-screen image while you press the button. The users of Xbox need to click the analog sticks too.

Now the Triggers configuration appears. It is to configure the left and right bumpers on the Xbox. Use them for once to register them on the Triggers layout. If you are going to play a game using the keyboard, you need to configure it in the same way. FAQ Q: If I am using a controller other than the Xbox , will Xpadder work with it?

Honestly, the tool works the best with the Xbox Controller. But it may work with any other controller if the controller has the same pattern of buttons. If it does not work, it means your controller has a different software driver, and it is interrupting it in establishing the connection. I am using the Xbox Controller, but I am unable to connect the tool with Xbox Why does it happen?

Well, Xpadder is not troubling if you are facing such a situation. It means there is something wrong with the version of Windows you are using. It may need to install recent updates. Does it support multi-player games? Yes, Xpadder supports multi-player games, and every player can use his controller.

Of course, it is a striking feature of the application. I am using Windows 10 and trying to connect it with my Xbox Controller. It establishes a connection but disconnects after a few seconds. What to do? It may be due to the interruption of your Antivirus program.

Please disable your Antivirus program and try to establish a connection once again.

Simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad


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Download Xpadder v ( Update + Extras) torrent or any other torrent from the Applications Windows. Direct download via magnet. Xpadder simulates keypresses and mouse movements using a Constantly updated database (over controllers, adapters and drivers). In case you upgrade JoyToKey from an older version, please manually copy (or move) the old “JoyToKey” folder into your “Documents” folder so that your old.

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